Fear Women: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Fear Women: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

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To the fans I have garnered through my writing, sorry to have kept you waiting this long for another story. I had no idea that maintaining a devoted fanbase would come with the huge responsibility of making the right decisions, meeting expectations, and selecting the right stories to captivate readers’ attention. Many a time before now, I would write, delete, rewrite, delete again, take a long break, then come back and do it all again.
Four months after my last story, one beautiful lady hit me up on Instagram about a mind blowing, captivating and insightful experience she had had. I knew then that my best story had just begun brewing in a pot. The girl was fine. She was slim-thick, light-skinned, and elegant. I browsed through her few pictures, discovered her Facebook account also, and started my own stalking just to ascertain that this fine lady who entered my DM was not one of them fraudsters trying to cook up some story just for me to send some money. I was convinced she was no fraudster when I went through her bio on Facebook and realized she had worked in one of the biggest Telcos in the country and had attended Holy Child Senior High School. She was however not in the country currently, and so our conversations were all held over FaceTime.
Meet Eve

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“I always had anger issues while growing up,” she started. “I could get so angry over the smallest thing and the aftermath was always regretful. I remember back in primary school, I got expelled once for slapping a boy to the brink of collapse, simply because I found him stealing my pen. When I was moved to another school, I also received a two-week suspension at a point for beating up a boy who constantly bullied my best friend. In short, I had a problem controlling my temper, and I like to think it was hereditary; both my parents were quick-tempered and often fought a lot. I mean, when your father is an onion and your mother is a garlic, you wouldn’t expect to come out smelling like roses; would you?At an early stage, I discovered I had an alter ego that was a total monster – I called her Eve.

Eve always boiled up to my head and exploded with violence. It always left me with the feeling of wanting to destroy something or hurt someone. My mom would cry uncontrollably whenever I experienced one of my episodes, which persisted until after senior high school. I made a vow to myself never to overreact. I dedicated my time to church and serving God, and anytime I found myself starting to get furious, I would sing thanksgiving songs in my mind and just walk away. Ever since then, Eve had never been in control. At a point, I was convinced that I had killed and buried her even; but little did I know Eve had a twin I was yet to meet.

The New Bright chapter

30th April 2012 was the day I received my offer of employment. I remember that day so vividly: walking through the foyer from the reception, wearing my favourite skirt – black and tight – as I made sure to put my sexy curves on display that day. As I passed by the parking lot that day, I noticed from the corner of my eye that the group of guys talking about football had paused to stare, which made me even more nervous. Never had I felt so shy, especially since I didn’t exactly feel so confident in my six inch heels, and thought I was walking like a zombie. Unsurprisingly, I tripped right there and then, and as I started to lose my balance, I felt a warm, yet firm grip around my waist. The gentleman looked at me, smiled reassuringly and helped me up. I felt myself relaxing and smiling back, and that was it! I am positive that it was love at first sight, considering that after just that one encounter, I couldn’t help thinking about him and looking forward to seeing him the following Monday when I would officially start work.

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I remember my first day at work was spent staring at him. From where he sat in the finance office which had doors fully made of glass, we would always steal glances at each other and quickly look away when we thought we had been noticed. He was the most handsome man I had ever met, and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. “Hi, I’m Bright Arhin,” he introduced himself to me with his deep and husky voice at lunch time. I turned to look at him and completely froze. I noticed that he had a smile similar to that of my celebrity crush, L.L. Cool J, and I loved every moment he licked those cute pink lips. I surprisingly managed to utter the words, “Hi, I’m Benewaa,” as my mind was already busy undressing him. I remember how I stammered all through that first conversation. I was so nervous and he had noticed.

“Kiss me if I’m wrong, but aren’t shy people the most intelligent,” he said. Looking back, he’s always had a way of pushing my buttons since day one. I couldn’t believe that I had practically fallen in love with him already, totally disregarding the fact that he was married. Yes, Bright was married. At the time, it honestly did not bother me much. I thought: ‘I am not going to do anything silly with him; would I? I’m only just going to keep flirting with him until one of us resigned.’ I was lying to myself though. We ended up having sex many times in the office especially. My office, finance office, both washrooms, the conference room, the kitchen, his car, my car. Gosh, I lost count of all the times and places we had our sexcapades. The sex was always so explosive and I just could not stop myself. Bright was married – yes – but I honestly did not care.

I was in it for the fun, and I was loving every bit of it. I never aspired to be his girlfriend nor take his wife’s place, I just wanted to keep having multiple orgasms and enjoy my life. Over the course of our affair, he had me commit two abortions for him, and it really was not a big deal for me, as I was incapable of taking care of a baby at that time. As a 26 year old and having come from back to back toxic relationships, I needed a break, just to take care of myself and satisfy my every need, with my sexual needs being my topmost priority. Bright understood me and my body. He could even tell if I was horny just by looking at me from across the table during a meeting. Bright was so crazy and he would do the impossible just to get into my pants.

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Moaning in my boss’s office

Have you ever made out in the CEO’s office? Nothing tops that feeling. We must have been insane to try it that day. On that fateful day, I remember I had been instructed to take some documents from the CEO’s office, which was secluded and occupied the whole floor upstairs. I went upstairs, unlocked the door, and even before I could shut it behind me, Bright was already halfway into the office. “What are you doing here Bright?” He put his finger on my lips and just said “ssssh.” At that moment, I already knew exactly what he had in mind, especially as he winked in addition. “Don’t you know this is Mr. Amankwah’s office?” He smiled and said, “his cameras are only there to get people to behave well in his office, he’s never watched those videos before.

Besides, he wouldn’t want any evidence of what goes on up in here when he brings all those young ladies around.”
For fifteen straight minutes after that, I had my back against the wall, both legs raised around his waist, my right hand pressed against the wall, while the left held onto the back of his neck. Bright was a beast that afternoon. He had me raised up high against the wall with a stern look on his face while stroking in and out. He had sweat dripping down his face and arms, and was breathing so heavily. It was so intense and as the screams got louder the more he pounded into me, I found myself smiling, shouting and crying, all at the same time. The feeling was beyond my imagination; one I had never experienced before. I looked him in the eyes and muttered “I love you, Bee.” He put me down, bent me over and grabbed my neck. “Say that again for me baby.” “I love you Bright! I love you!”

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As if that was not enough, he picked me up again and slammed me on our CEO’s desk, pushing aside all the papers in the process, then turned me over again after a few minutes, positioning me as a dog, with all of my four limbs on the table. Bright busted a nut after a few more minutes and as we sat next to each other on the table, both straight-faced, tired and speechless, he said, “after having such nasty sex, I know we’re both wondering if we will make it to Heaven.” We both burst out into laughter, then and I turned to look at him. “When I said I love you earlier, I meant that.” He smiled, then leaned forward and gave me a soft kiss. We then got dressed, put the office back in order as best as we could,  and made sure we did not leave together.

Security cameras

Monday came and I returned to work to hear that there had been a theft case over the weekend, that had everyone in panic-mode. Only three new laptops had reportedly been stolen and it got us all thinking it was an ‘inside hit’. One of the employees must have pulled it off. The CEO instructed that all camera footage spanning Friday morning to Sunday night be examined. “What of the camera in his office?” – I thought to myself. I did not even want to imagine what would become of Bright and me if the CEO got a hold of those videos. I had to act fast. I quickly texted Bright and expressed my concern.

He assured me the tapes from the CEO’s office camera would not be a part as it never was, but I was not convinced. A part of me just knew how screwed I was going to be and I had to act fast. If Bright was not going to help, then I guess I was going to have to do it myself. I had figured that lunch time would be the right moment to strike. I spent the whole morning monitoring the I.T guy, and as soon as he left his desk to go grab something to eat, I sprang into action. I knew he never locked his office during the daytime and I calmly but stealthily, walked in when I was sure no one was watching.

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I had everything planned already; the timing of my break-in, the password to his laptop which I obtained from bribing the office assistant with golden tree chocolate. I had even factored in how long it would take to copy the file and then delete it from the laptop afterwards. I shakily got behind the laptop, keyed in the password, and let out a silent hallelujah when I was granted access. I saw that he had already begun copying the videos into a private folder as I quickly searched through the videos one after the other, looking for a ‘CEO’s office’ MP4 file. My heart did a little leap of joy when I finally located it close to the bottom of the list. “Ei so if I had not acted fast, this video would have gotten to the CEO” – I thought to myself.

Taken for granted

I copied the file onto my flash drive, deleted it from the laptop, opened the recycle bin, and deleted it from there too. I was exonerated at last, breathing a sigh of relief. Nothing was going to come between me and the pleasures I enjoyed with the love of my life now. Just as I was about leaving the office though, I heard footsteps heading in the direction of the I.T. office. My heart was pounding. Lunch was not over until another forty minutes and I had not anticipated that anyone would return so soon. As the footsteps got louder, I knew I had to hide, and fast. Just before the door swung open, I quickly and stealthily threw myself under the table. From my hiding spot, all I could see were three pairs of shoes walking into the office.

One particular shoe looked quite familiar and I soon realized why. As they walked in conversing and laughing, I could tell from their voices that it was Bright along with the I.T guy and one other intern. I started to listen intently and soon realized that the conversation was about a girl. “Bro, you know the funny thing, when she’s ready to settle, it will be like a manhole,” Bright said, as they all burst out into laughter once again. “I don’t know how stupid some girls can be. Does she expect you to leave your wife for her or what? Bro, just make sure you smash the crap out of her until she finds some common sense.” Wait a minute.

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Why did I have a feeling these boys were talking about me? The only married man among them was Bright. My heart started pounding with anxiety as they continued to discuss the issue in circles, in their ridiculous pidgin language. I was patiently waiting for them to drop a distinct clue that would make me know for certain that I was the topic of discussion. It was not long until Bright disgustingly uttered “Can you imagine, I banged this chic in Mr. Amankwah’s office for forty straight minutes. That drug you gave me is something else.” I immediately felt a sudden cold rush. A minute later, I was hot and sweaty. I felt rage, and my heart started racing. He went on “chaley she does not even want me to leave my wife for her. All she wants is sex, and that’s what I’m going to keep giving her. Small girls of today have no morals. I will keep banging that sweet arse until she gets serious and finds someone to be with”.

Welcome Back Eve, I missed you
I stayed under the table for what seemed like forever, shaking and sobbing. My eyes were ripe red and I was fuming with rage. At that point, I hated him so much that I was ready to end his life right there and then. I could not believe it. I had had enough of all that I was hearing. But no, this boy had just signed his death warrant. I would make him pay for this, to the point where he would even wish he was dead. I resolved that I was going to make his life so miserable, that suicide would be his only option.

That afternoon, as I lay hidden under the table, I transformed into the most wicked person I could think of becoming. My alter-ego, Eve, slowly began taking over my system. I thought of pouncing on him that very moment and stabbing him with the keys I had in hand. But I had to keep my composure. If I was going to make him pay for his actions, I would need proper planning and I covered my ears in efforts to stop listening to the rubbish Bright was spewing. Immediately they left, I walked straight to my desk, with my head bent, trying to hide my eyes which were red from all the crying. I picked up my bag, sent my boss a message, that I had a family emergency, and drove off.??I woke up from my short nap to six missed calls and a text message from Bright. “Baby are you okay? Heard you had a family emergency. Please talk to me, I am very worried.” The best liars are always the most caring, they say. A stupid swine he is, trying to be all sweet after he literally disgraced me, to a bunch of guys I hardly even knew. Messages like this used to get me tripping all over for him. But this time around, I was furious. I was utterly gutted.

I took a pen and a paper and started jotting down my thoughts. One thing I learnt from therapy class was always to act the opposite of your feelings whenever you’re angered, but still have a classic revenge. And that’s exactly what I was going to do; have a classic revenge. I was going to ruin his marriage and on top of that, get him fired from work. I was going to stop at nothing to make him the most miserable being on this earth. I sat up and started jotting down my plan – the plan to take Bright Arhin down. I called it the Zero Plan, because he would be left with zero by the time I was through with him.

The Zero Plan

I devoted my free time to watching investigative movies and crime shows. I also read a couple of books for more ideas too. I jotted everything down in my diary – every single point of my plan, every detail – and I made sure I used coded words, just in case my diary got into wrong hands. I took that cue from prison break.I learnt that in order for my plan to be successful, I would need to have a solid escape plan, and I had to implement it without showing my face, while being out of reach. So I started making calls to my family in Kumasi, and informed them that I was getting laid off soon and so was looking for a job. My family has always been my biggest fan, and have supported me in all that I do, especially when I first moved to Accra. I keep in touch with them often, they knew about my financial struggles and also celebrated my wins with me.

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It was therefore not herculean to reach out to them asking for help. My escape plan was to move to Kumasi, where I would be away from all the commotion I was about to stir up. I had already drafted my resignation letter and would present it to the HR Manager first thing on Monday. I was only hoping she would stick to her word of not telling anyone – even Bright was not to know. Speaking of Bright, all the while I was plotting and planning, I was still seeing him and pretending to be happy with him. It was not easy in the beginning because hiding my emotions had never been my forte. I however soon got used to the idea of being with someone whose life I was about to screw up and it even excited me. I felt like a villain in a movie. We soon progressed to hanging out in hotel rooms and villas, as it was only natural to step things up a notch in order for him not to suspect that I was up to anything funny.

Phase two of the Zero Plan

For phase two of my plan, I had to get to know his every move, and tapping into his WhatsApp account seemed like the best way around it. Using WhatsApp web one weekend while he laid in the bed resting, I scanned the QR Code of his phone with my laptop without him knowing, and voila, I had access to all his messages. Luckily for me, back then in 2014, WhatsApp never notified you or anyone when your app was logged on to another device, unless you checked. Bright therefore never found out about this. I stayed glued onto his WhatsApp for days.

I used to read ongoing conversations as if I were watching a movie. And alas, I had what I was looking for, a conversation with his wife that could implicate him. I found out her birthday was in a month’s time, and knew that I had to ruin that day for the both of them. And I knew exactly what to do too. See, I still had that recording of Bright and me doing the nasty in Mr. Amankwah’s office on my external hard drive. Over the days, I continued to read the text messages Bright exchanged with the party organizers. Apparently, it was going to be a big party with family, colleagues and close friends. I got to know of every item being bought, the timing of the party, the location, every gift to be delivered, etc.

Phase three: the hack

Then came phase three of the plan, which I dubbed ‘The Hack’. I contacted renowned I.T. expert, Gilbert Goodwill, who also happened to be a friend, although he had been asking to go on a date with me for a while. I told him I would agree to go on a date with him in return for one little favour. Of course, he was more than willing to do anything for that date. But when I told him that I needed him to hack into a laptop for me so that I could retrieve some documents, he was quite skeptical in the beginning. I remember concocting a fake story about how I was cooperating with the police to get someone arrested for embezzlement of company funds. “Get me the I.P. address of the laptop” he said, “and that better be worth it.

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I gleaned from Bright’s messages that he had planned on projecting a lovely video of some well wishes from his wife’s close friends and relatives and the thought of replacing that video with our sex tape was an idea I found difficult to get rid of. In my opinion, it was the perfect revenge. I felt no empathy for anyone at that moment. Eve had completely taken over me. I wanted to destroy Bright in every way that I could, and didn’t even want to feel sorry for his wife. I was going to humiliate him and his wife both, and Gilbert was the key to the plan. To my utter shock, one evening, I realized Bright had started seeing one of the interns in the office – one young buxom lady with the biggest behind I had ever seen. All this guy wanted was to have fun.

I was getting more and more convinced that he was an idiot who needed to be taught a great lesson. I monitored the conversations as he continued to lead the lady on, and even flirting with her more than he ever did with me. The Eve in me again took over. I took the mug of coffee I had been sipping on, smashed it against the wall, and then wept uncontrollably afterwards. I had been a fool for too long, but it was all going to change. My plan was already in motion, and nothing or no one was going to stop me. I took screenshots of that conversation, and immediately sent it to a friend to have it printed for me in a large size and framed – my birthday gift to his lovely wife and the final piece of my plan. So as not to have anything traced back to me, I was going to use the big ass intern as bait. This thought alone dried my tears.

Phase four: Get him fired

Meanwhile, I furnished Gilbert with everything he needed, and were able to access all of Bright’s documents. As the finance manager, all the company’s financial transactions passed through him. His job was to authorise payments and facilitate payment of salaries. Fortunately for me, I knew Bright was up to no good. He had been secretly embezzling company funds and all I needed was proof to nail him. I was able to find bank statements in his emails from an unknown bank account where he was sending money to. It suddenly became clear to me how he could buy the most expensive cars and afford his lavish lifestyle – he was not only relying on his monthly salary.

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I retrieved all those emails, along with all the receipts I could find. I printed them all out and neatly sealed them in a brown envelope – I had all the information I needed to nail him. As the icing on top of the cake, I included in the envelope, a copy of the video I had copied from the I.T guy’s laptop and took the whole package with me to the office on my last day at work. During lunch time, I placed the brown envelope right in the middle of the CEO’s desk where he couldn’t miss it, along with some other documents which I had been instructed to deliver, and then calmly strutted out of the office with a big smile of satisfaction on my face.

With one part of my plan complete, I could not help but be in high spirits all through the day. I was so sure that there was no way any of this was going to be traced back to me, considering that I was not the only one who had access to the CEO’s office. Besides, as far as everyone was concerned, all security footage was only managed by the IT person and no one else had access. I said my goodbyes to the few people I got along with in the office – they all thought l was going on leave. Finally, I gave Bright a very long hug and left with the promise that I would call him when my plane was about to take off the next day – another brilliant lie of course, I had told him I was taking a short leave to Dubai. I changed my SIM card and discarded the old one, thereby making myself reachable by only Gilbert and my siblings.


A few hours before the birthday thingy, I visited Gilbert just to make sure our plan was still in motion, and to make sure everything was in place. Unbeknown to him, I was scheduled to leave for Kumasi that very night and I had my suitcases neatly packed in the trunk of my car. He was logged into Bright’s machine and just waiting for the appropriate time to swap the two videos. Bright had thoughtfully arranged for his lovely wife’s friends to record short videos of themselves saying happy birthday. It was actually a sweet video, which was undoubtedly going to get the birthday girl teary. At exactly 3:30pm, Gilbert swapped the videos and I also placed the call to make arrangements with the printers to have my frame delivered to Bright’s wife, just around the same time she was to watch our sex tape with her lovely friends and family. She was going to receive a printed frame of a sexting conversation between her loving husband and a 21-year-old intern, around the same time as she would see a video of the same loving husband humping another woman in his boss’s office.

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The plan gave me goosebumps every time I thought of it. When all was set, I told Gilbert that I had to deliver some items to my mom at Spintex, and drove off, away from all the commotion I was about to cause. That drive was the best I had had in my life and the feeling was exhilarating. I had triumphed in humiliating the supposed love of my life. I played Rihanna’s Cheers as I did a 100 to the airport. Eve, for the first time, had calculated her every move and had not acted on her anger to cause violence. I realized something that day; I caused more harm and damage by being calm and collected than I could have by being violent. As I drove, I could just imagine the drama that was occurring at that very moment. Bright was about to lose his job as Mr. Amankwah must have seen the brown envelope by now, and elsewhere, his lovely wife was just finding out that he’d been screwing two ladies in the same office.

A new beginning

Three weeks later, I had already comfortably settled in Kumasi. I had a better paying job, nicer colleagues, and definitely no office romance brouhaha. It signified a new beginning for me – a new slate. I even started talking to an old male friend who had resurfaced and shown some interest in me, and things were going well. As expected, I hadn’t heard from Bright since the day I left Accra, as he did not have my number and I preferred things stayed that way. Last I checked, he got fired from work and was on the fringes of a nasty divorce which was going to see him lose a lot of money and property because he obviously had no prenup.
As fate would have it though, just when I thought I was moving on from that idiot, I found out that I was pregnant with his baby. I kept it. I moved to the States after finding myself a decent man to get married to, who accepted me and my daughter; who loved me for who he thought I was; and was an excellent father to my baby girl. He has never met Eve, and I have also made sure that that alter-ego stays buried in my past, never to return again. I hope he’ll never find out about Bright either. Let me say that I’m only reaching out to you so that this story you’re going to put out there will educate young ladies on how to be strong and stand up for themselves. No one deserves to be taken for granted.

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Stick to playing with toys, not a woman’s heart

Wow! Wow! Wow! That’s all I could say when she was done with her story. She had talked for two hours straight. I leaned back on my couch and for the next minute, there was dead silence on the phone. I then broke the silence with an affirmation that I was going to put her story into writing, but in a way that would keep her image and identity safe. After the call, I sat motionless on my couch for a few minutes. I unmuted my television and tried to follow the ongoing discussion on Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah, but I honestly couldn’t focus. All my thoughts and senses were fixated on what I had just heard. I’ve become very scared of what women are capable of doing. I hope I never underestimate a woman’s wrath, for as the saying goes….Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Story by Nana Asempa Kuranchie

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