My Mother And Her Secret Lover

My Mother and her secret lover

My mother always has a way of getting on my nerves. Spoiler alert, I am not that secret lover. Back to the case. She would usually scream my name and say nothing, until I appear in the hall. Very irritating indeed. The last time she did same, I pretended not hearing her; this old woman amplified her voice for it to sound so piercing, forcing me to get up from my bed with a frown on my face.

The frown quickly disappeared as I saw a tear run down her cheek. I got worried, sat next to her, and my heart started to beat harder than usual.

She tapped my right thigh and told me to never give up on love no matter what. Now I was confused, “like, why would she tell me this with a tear in her eye”. And for the fact that she had to call me from the bedroom meant it was very important.

“Is dad okay?” I asked and she said yes.

She looked at me and told me it wasn’t what I was thinking, for she had a story to tell me.

She started…

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What Could My Mother Have Up her Sleeves?

Abena Akyiaa Owusu Boateng was busty, had the hips of a Takai bottle and a backside any man would drool over. The Assin Fosu slay queen was smart, hardworking and a great cook. In a nutshell, she was already an ideal-looking wife at seventeen, though many thought she looked twenty-five.

She had her focus only on the tall, and dark-manly presence of Kofi Ntow; his deep voice, huge and soft palms, dimples and the hair on his chest drove Abena crazy. She would see him and immediately get clumsy. At this point in time, Abena Akyiaa was certainly in love.

It did not take long for Abena and Kofi to start seeing each other. Kofi would frequently sneak out at night just to get a goodnight kiss from his moon (as he used to call her). They would usually make love all day on weekends when she was supposed to be in the farm. On a few occasions, they would continue their escapades in her dad’s farm.

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Their relationship was going to remain a secret as Abena’s dad hated Kofi’s guts. Openyin Boateng did not see why a jobless 26-year old would want to have anything to do with his daughter. He prohibited Kofi from neither stepping foot on his premises nor coming close to his last born. But that did not stop the love birds.

Six months into the relationship, Abena was already having abortions for him and she had to. He was jobless and unable to take care of her and the unborn baby, neither was he a family’s favorite.

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Secret lover dilemmas

Opoku happened to be a Training College graduate – a certificate highly acknowledged by Ghanaians in the early nineties. He most definitely had prospects on becoming a resourceful man in the near future, and he fortunately had set eyes on Abena Akyiaa as well.

He, unlike Kofi, proceeded to visit Abena’s home to ask for her hand in marriage; that was the traditional and accepted way. Openyin Boateng had already fallen in love with the possibility of his daughter getting married to this fine young man seated in front of him; he had a nicely polished shoe, white shirt, and spoke impeccable English. Dad undeniably accepted his proposal on his daughter’s behalf; in a week’s time, Abena and Opoku were married the traditional way.
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Kofi got to hear of it and cried his lungs out at the thought of another man humping the love of his life. He could not take it anymore; he packed his belongings (which could only fit in a small black polythene rubber bag) and fled the town. Kofi bade no one goodbye and that was the last time he was spotted.

Abena moved into her new home but her heart was still with Kofi. She knew she could have a good future with Opoku and would be a wonderful father to her kids.

Opoku and his wife, Abena were blessed with five beautiful children.

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The Back story

Mummy paused for a moment, picked up her phone, opened her front camera and wiped her tears. Then she continued.

Opoku, in the story I told you, happens to be my dad and I was the last and most sentimental of all five children.

Unfortunately, my parent’s marriage of forty years and counting has not been a fairytale. It’s been hit with loads of fights, both physical and verbal. Opoku had turned out to disrespect mother many times, and mum had also turned out to be an instigator of quarrels.

She (mother) had previously stated that she only decided to stay in the marriage because of us, the kids. Opoku, despite being a terrible husband, has been an excellent father to us.
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The Story behind the back story

My mother looked at me with her red and swollen eyes and said, “I sacrificed my happiness for you. I had to leave my secret lover. I had nowhere to take you if I left this marriage. I had to stay and make sure you got the best education Opoku could provide you. But on the other hand, I’ve cried many nights, missing the love of my life. Your father has no idea he even exists”.

At this point, I was confused.

She continued, “I had a call today from an old friend, telling me Kofi Ntow, my secret lover, had passed on.” She paused for a moment and smiled at my concerned look.

At this point, I felt so sad for her and the secret lover I didn’t know about.

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She put her hand on my shoulder, and told me not to worry. “This is my story, Junior; but you have your own story to write, and I want you to write it the right way. If you have a lady you love, hold on to her. Fight for her and don’t be the Kofi Ntow who had to flee. Work hard and make a good living, so you can take good care of the love of your life.”

“But if you ever turn out to be the ‘Opoku’ in her life, promise me you’re going to treat her as your Queen. Pamper her, love her, and give her all she needs, and most importantly, give her your respect.”

Hmmmmmmm. This life.

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