Confessions Of A Girl In Love

Confessions of a girl in love

I have confessions on how my heart breaks at how far he (my love) really is from me. Yet, it rejoices that amidst billions of the earth’s residents, there’s just one human whose soul meshes perfectly with mine.

My heart breaks at how different his view of things is from mine yet my mind likes the prospect of every challenge it could bring.

Again, my heart breaks at the good relationship I would countlessly build with him in my dreams every single night.

Honestly though, nothing breaks my heart more than the knowledge that I am truly, madly and deeply in love with a man whose heart will either belong to me or not; and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

He has my heart at the palm of his hand; his choice is to either treasure or break it into a million pieces, with or without the intent to do so.

Can I ever love another man like him? Absolutely not.

Can I ever allow the remaining bits of my heart to love another after he breaks it? Absolutely not.

Confessions: A Different Kind Of Love

Despite the torturous thoughts that invades my brain when I’m all alone, I refuse to choose another.

Despite the accumulating number of others showing interest in me, I refuse to spare them a single glance when all I want is to stare at his piercing jade eyes and get lost in them.

His laughter and smile brighten up my day.

His voice awakens pieces of me I don’t know existed.

Most importantly, his presence in mine is and will forever be enough.

Call me all sorts of names and insult me all you want either in my presence or behind my back; I still refuse to prohibit my heart from skipping a beat when he crosses my mind.

The pain that I feel is worth it and I would endure it over and over again because I’m in deep and there’s no grace that could save me from where I am.

Love confessions story by Refiloe Dimakotso

Refiloe Dimakatso

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