Heart Matters: Why Does Love Hurt Then?


I had fallen in and out of love many times that no wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing could break my heart or fool. Too soon, I met this woman on my way to the office who made an impression on me. I instantly boycotted my decision to go to the seminary. The feeling I felt the first day I met her was so tight; I had not felt anything like that all my life; it was not as if I had not fallen in love before). The minute I spoke to her, my heart told me she was the one; it was as if I had known her all my life. Trust a broken-heart man when he tells you he just found his perfect woman and love. It just feels right.

I have a superbly familiar line or two for the daughters of Eve also. You may have come across a guy in your office or hood who will not just leave you alone. He’s either at your door asking you out or embarrassing you with roses delivered in his name. He may also be calling your phone timelessly, sending you sweet messages, taking you often. Last one! He always always volunteers to walk you from the office to the house.

  • Can I have a witness in the house shout “I’m with you brother”.

When the brother tells you to go on a date with him, it only means he has everything mapped out. He will start the date with a little champagne, some jazz music, and a nice candle-lit dinner. And he’ll finish off at his place for the champion of champions. Then a sister will be singing, “and that is my kind of man” or “always on my mind”. Stay tuned for the deeper meanings to these twists.

A friend’s Heart Experience

I love Bob Marley too much for his witty views on love and women. I will just give you two titles to his controversial songs and if you doubt me. Check out “Is this love” and “No Woman No Cry” records for yourself. I will tell you a story about a man’s suffering and how it’s connected to Marley’s “No Woman No Cry”.

A friend of mine met a lady and all suddenly he was doing the impossible just to win her heart. He eventually won this woman over but the unfair scenarios started. He went to the lady’s house to pick her up for an outing (they both agreed on). The gentleman was told she wasn’t home; he returned home quietly.

Days later, alarm blew that a dude cruising a nice 4×4 came to pick her up around the same time. The news hurt my guy like the circumcision of a day-old baby boy. When confronted, the lady told my friend that what happened that night was OPPORTUNITY COST. I wept for my guy; this thing we call love.

Heart Conclusion

Permit me to ask one silly question about weddings and love in general. “Why are the men and women both saying their partners are players yet the two are to be together. They are to be joined either as partners in a relationship or as people courting to marry.”

Whatever you do, whatever decision(s) you make, please ensure that you Save Yourself the BROKEN HEART…

This is just the beginning…


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