We Can Make Each Other Happy

We Can Make Each Other Happy

A WhatsApp Status

After 24hrs of my post “We can make each other happy” on WhatsApp Status, I realized I had 205 views. From the comments I got, my viewers thought the post was to some fine girl in my pm but it wasn’t. Lemme explain.

When I was little ehn, I remember anytime we were bored, we played “pilolo” (Hide and seek) with our age mates and also grownups who were probably in their 20’s. We became friends and other people also reconciled at the playground. When the rest didn’t see any of us at the playground, before or after playing, they went to the person’s house to check up and know why he/she couldn’t come to play.

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Fast forward to now. We all have these childhood friends’ numbers on our contact lists, we watch each other’s statuses everyday on whatsapp and have never said Hi or commented on each other’s posts. Have you ever wondered why?

Snapchat is just a funny platform. You know why? Some people streak (send daily activities to each other) for more than a 100 days and they’ve never said Hi or Hello to each other. Well, I’ve done that before though haha.

Social media has taken the place we once filled with friends and loved ones. We no longer wish for conversations with them anymore. After all, we are all “busy” working now and we all see each other “forming” happy ever after lifestyles so we “assume” we don’t need each other.  

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See, looking for who to put the blame on won’t solve this. Did you know starting a conversation with that person wouldn’t be bad? O yes! Your GPA won’t drop, your boss won’t reduce your salary and your skin color won’t change either.

Break The Silence!

Let’s break that silence! Someone just needs someone to talk to. Many people are committing suicide because they don’t feel loved. Some die out of depression and illnesses we know nothing of because we all are letting our egos control us. One funny thing you will hear is “why should I text or call first”. That good friend he or she once had, has now moved on from them so “we move”. But these “we move” gang will be the same people posting pics if they hear that friend passed away.

Boys boys hala your body. Ask a brother how he’s doing…Talk about the soccer matches (Man U lose anaa? Yestee, Messi ein goal nu be mad o, or you still think he isn’t the GOAT?), the PS 4 and 5, the online games, the sneakers, politics, business, discoveries, national issues, charleyy talk things.

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Girls Girls, pride and insecurity will kill some of you p333 hahaha. Text that sister, ask her how she’s doing. Talk about the job, skincare products, the wigs, the makeup products, the natural hair products, the dress styles and other things that interest you. Just make someone’s day.

Fam, let’s text and call each other. You won’t die by doing that. Have you noticed that that friend who use to tell you even the smallest things in their lives has stopped? Let’s not allow social media ruin good friendships. You could be the only person someone can confide in. Don’t be a spectator in this life. Aim at being a solution to someone’s problem.

We’re all kind of stressed on so many things right now but that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be depressed. Maybe you’re also the one that needs a friend’s advice, please reach out. Don’t bottle things up and die in sorrow. You have value and no matter what has happened to you in the past, you’re still a person of value. And don’t forget, in all your conversations, let JESUS CHRIST be a key factor. Talk to that person about Christ too.

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I know no one is easy to be with and some people are not too easy to keep a nice conversation with. But with patience, and checking up on each other, you’ll get to understand why people act the way they do, and probably help them out, one way or the other. Some may be Heaven-sent, divine helpers, life partners, close and amazing friends for a lifetime.

Well, I have had my share, at least someone I met on snapchat helped me do my Ghana card fast fast. Hahaha

The world needs you, that’s to say people’s lives need you.  We are all unique and gifted in so many ways. That gift will enable you help others. I always go with the motto that, “It actually costs zero to make others smile”.

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And if we all could stay by this, I think we would smile the devil and his schemes away from our dwelling, reduce the number of suicide cases and increase the hope in people’s lives.

I almost forgot, hashtagging #FearWomen and #MenWillShowYou will only remind us of the past and that makes us build more hatred towards others. A broken hearted young man once said “The past is not the present” lol, Don’t let your past experiences with others paint you ugly inside, but let peace be your constant in your wild of changing things. We can move on! And we can still make each other happy.

Hatred is too great a burden to bear. Even a “healthy hate” isn’t healthy anymore. Let’s walk together in peace and love.




Post by Job Bajiligima Issifu

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