The Life-changing Text Message

The text message in ghana

A text message can be annoying when its content is unnecessary, etc. I will talk of this particular text message, but let me digress a little.

When you are being introduced to someone, you say hi, shake hands and recite the “I’m pleased to meet you” line. Personally, I’ve always never believed in that clichè. For shegge reasons, I may not like the person or enjoy his or her company. So don’t get disappointed if ever you meet me and I don’t get to say ‘pleased to meet you too’. It doesn’t mean I don’t teeee blorfo or I didn’t read courtesy for boys and girls back then, lol.

“You are one of the very few people I’ve come to know and can confidently call my friend. Without prior notice, you unexpectedly stack more closer to me like my brother would have…” I mumbled to myself immediately I woke up from my fifteen-minute slumber behind my laptop. As mischievous as I can be (especially with my pen), I devote this entire day to a fine fellow I met at a base in 32nd Gamel Abdul Nasser Road in Accra some seven years back. From 2007 till date, I see this stalker of a friend’s face at most places I frequent.

As I lay on my sick bed on Saturday, April 5, 2014, I never heard from this friend; “it was too strange a relief for my ailing ears” I thought. While relieved, I found the silence from his end very odd at the same time too. Seemingly, a no-nonsense lecturer at my school had hijacked my friend’s attention. He was hot over some fast-track mock exam for a Radio Broadcast class he had from 7 to 9 am. The bad news was that this lecturer will repeat the test in my class from 9 to 11 am; yours truely was going to miss the whole show and will be chasing this lecturer for a second chance.

At 7:53 of the same day, I received a simple text which read: “Pls u nid to come 2 skul. Tim dey do mock. Pik dropping n rush in Now”. I wrote the mock, got excellent marks and had a “B” at the end of that semester. I’ll spare you details of how the sender of the text knew I wouldn’t be in school that morning.

Looking back, I’m grateful a kind-hearted person remembered to send me a text that saved me from failing that paper. It also saved me from spending money and time to resit, and graduating one solid year later. That 30-pesewa text message saved my life in many ways. Better still, the encounter taught me more about what true friendship is all about.

So, after this and many other wonderful things this friend keeps doing for me, I deem it fit to officially announce that I’m pleased to meet you, Klonobi Henking Adjase-Kodjo.

Happy birthday to you Henk. Saying God bless you is an understatement.

NB: Dear reader, please don’t tell him I called him a stalker or else he’ll mafia me rough rough. This my big mouth! Asem beba debi…

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