Hosanna – Lay Down Your ‘Cloak’


Hosanna! To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. 

Is he really your king and Lord or you are moving with the flow? I honestly love the passages of scripture that talk about Jesus entering Jerusalem, his last supper, the betrayal, his death and finally his resurrection. As a child, I loved and enjoyed the sound of palm Sunday, especially the brass band and the march around town. The excitement of showing the neighbourhood kids what they missed for not coming to church, especially on palm Sunday was something else, and of course the food after the singing and dancing. I always looked forward to palm Sunday but not anymore though. wink!.

With all the excitement about the day fading as I aged, I began to question the practice and it’s connotation in my life as a believer. I noticed I never really asked the hard questions. What was all the singing and dancing for? Why should it even be done. What does it mean spiritually? Is there anything interesting about Palm Sunday or it’s just a display of dance moves by church folks and of skillful plays by the brass bands in public?

To what end?

As I read the accounts of Jesus’ entry from John, Luke, Mark and brother Matthew something stood out and I believe that is the essence of Palm Sunday. When the disciples brought the donkey, scripture says they laid their cloaks on it for the King to sit. It continued and spake of the fact that as He moved the multitude laid their garments and all manner of fabrics for the donkey Jesus rode to walk over. Now, would I have to lay my clothes today so he can walk over? What do I have that I can lay? What can I surrender to the King just before he goes to die for my sins? or just singing and dancing around town is enough?

Everything, Not Some

If he indeed is my King then there is everything to surrender. My besetting sins, ungodly characters, disbelief, laziness, ego, prayerlessness, pride, flaws, doubts, frailties, will, personal ambitions, money, allergies and everything else. If this was his triumphant entry then it was mine for the taking. It’s my opportunity to lay down everything that doesn’t glorify him so we can both triumph over the flesh.

I may not be able to lay my expensive fabric, cloak or apparel down, I am not likely to ever find myself near Bethphage to honour his entry into Jerusalem, even if he came back every year to repeat it but I certainly can lay these down. May today be a retrospection of our lives and walk with God. May we willingly lay down everything that doesn’t deserve to be mentioned among us so he can walk over them in triumph. There are things that mar our relationship with God and family, those are the things we have to lay, everyone of them.

That’s Your Victory

After the multitude had laid it all down, the Bible said they cut palm branches laid them down as well and rejoiced as some waved the palm branches. Palm trees in ancient Hebrew tradition signified a number of things, including victory, redemption, freedom, restoration and resurrection. So as you lay these things down, lift up your branches in praise for the victory as he triumphantly walks over everything not deserving a place in your life. Give him the praise for the freedom and redemption he wins for you daily. Give him the praise for the restoration he is brining into your life. 

This, though spiritual won’t be a walk in the park. The devil will throw doubts at you, your mind and self will play games with you but lay all those anyways. These things Jesus said make for your peace. Your life will certainly be more peaceful if you would lay everything down.

Total Surrender

The foundation of our faith in Jesus is a total surrender but as humans we are carried away by the issues of life. Here is a reminder and a call to action to surrender it all again. Your victory in Christ doesn’t start on the cross, it starts the moment you lay your burdens down. It’s a direct triumph over the flesh and all of its desires. 

Remember there is no victory without total surrender. You can’t surrender some. You have to do all if indeed he is your KING and LORD!

My Prayer

I pray the Lord grants you the grace to reflect and prayerfully lay all that has to be laid down for his triumph. May every burden and torment that has left you hopeless fall at his feet and be triumphed over.

Why don’t you pray, reflect and lay it all down. As you do, one thing is certain, the Holy Spirit will convict you of everything, even those you don’t know and have forgotten. It’s more than worth it. 

May the Lord bless You.

Post by Nana Yaw Nhyira Butah

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