Is The Mr Right Idea Useless?

Is the Mr Right Idea Useless

The subject of Mr Right is an interesting one. To some, Mr Right is that knight in shining armour. To others, he’s that guy who’s real and hasn’t broken any hearts yet; he could be Mr Fixer of everything, Personal ATM, reliable dude, etc. He’s that guy you send “I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere” text to.

Personally, I had my perfect lady specification drama growing up somewhere in Tema. I had always dreamed of a fairy tale romance and a perfect life with my perfect woman. Deep within, I kept believing that one day I would find the woman who loves me and treats me the way I had always envisioned.

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Now to the interesting part where I know our ladies will chop off my head for saying this. Lately, I have become concerned about how people see and vibe about Mr Right and men in general. Half the time, these comments come from some single ladies who secretly love to settle down.

Before I zoom in on the single ladies and their face look look, let me start with an upfront disclaimer. I have high respect for single ladies (divorced or unengaged) and will not attempt to generalise or be harsh.

That said, let’s zoom in now.

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What Do Women Really Want?

Frankly, I can’t give a straight forward answer on what women really want in a man (Mr Right or not).

I was at this religious meeting a few weeks ago and made quite some observations. So, imagine my surprise when some no-nonsense female friends I know were shouting their lousiest (sorry, loudest-autocorrect matters) Amen to Papa Osofo’s declaration of a heaven-made wedding. Come and see my sisters throwing seed (offering) on the altar.

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See! These female friends I’m describing fit the profile of ladies who insult men in their heads, WhatsApp status and openly (once in a while). Let me break it down for you.

  • They go like Men are trash (meanwhile they adore their fathers as angels).
  • Ladies who don’t date church, office, school mates or folks in their circles; (where in God’s name do you expect to meet Mr Right?)
  • Ladies who only need something stable and real (Open your eyes na this is not Cinderella movie)
  • Girls who come on Instagram constantly to watch wedding gowns, and get updates on their favourite celebrity couples; lemme skip my next thoughts before I am swallowed.

Anyways, back to Mr Right matter proper proper!

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How other Men Have spoilt the showfor Mr Right

To be fair, I sympathise with the ladies to an extent. Charlie, too many desperate girls and unlucky soon-to-be brides have been disappointed time without number.

Many women have paid monies to friends or matchmaking services but ended up unhappy. Some have been defrauded of their monies and ‘womanhood’. Some have endured men with fake profiles and things. Others have gone on many regrettable dates.

Sorry sisters for the mismatch between expectations and what you see. It’s not easy being a single lady nowadays. Eno easy at all. That’s not to say you should kill yourself (if you’re reading this and you’re single).

God will do it for you, ok (no sarcasm today).

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Ladies you don’t owe anyone a flat tummy or a whole slimming charade

Marriage is overrated and so is singleness

Marriage tales are not cast in stone, so is every relationship

Before you look for That useless Mr/Mrs Right, ask yourself if you’re ready

Live your life pressure free, if you must

And most importantly, make yourself happy

Go easy on yourself and stop looking for Mr or Mrs Right!

Mr/Mrs Right thingy is just in our heads. Find someone you’re comfortable enough with and move on with your life. The perfect ones are either unborn or in some Hindu movie somewhere in India.

Anyways, what do I even know.

Mr Right Post By Paa Kwesi Forson

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