The Indispensables: Know Them!

The indispensable
I haven’t lived too long on earth, but with what I’ve learnt so far, there are a few lessons, if learnt, will make everyone’s life much easier. I call them the indispensables. Studying the word of God, taking good advice, accepting criticism, and reading books have opened my eyes to these truths.

One of the most effective ways for living wisely and well is to never stop learning. There are many essential lessons we must all learn in order to face life and win in the end; I’ll touch on these five pointers.

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Nothing in life is permanent

I spoke to my dad from January 2022 till June 2022 but little did I know I’ll be saying the most painful goodbye to him by July 2022. Today happens to be exactly a year I lost him. This one experience made me grasp the real meaning of “life is fleeting”. Today you’re here and tomorrow you’re in a totally different setting.

Nothing in life is permanent and this shouldn’t scare you but encourage and empower you to revel in the joy and good things God brings your way. This inevitable truth should rather help you make conscious effort in appreciating the lives, possessions and opportunities you have now.

Make the most out of them. If it’s love, in what way are you going to enjoy it more? If it’s a job, in what way are you going to make your presence, contributions and value felt? Be it ministry or purpose in life, in what way are you planning on impacting more lives than you already have?

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Fear does not necessarily mean quitting

Fear, if you ask me, is as powerful as you allow it to be. Mostly, we get anxious when we are about to take a new turn. The thought of “how do I start”, “where do I go” and “what do I have” can mainly drain you and cause you to fear. But this doesn’t mean you have to quit.

It is normal for anyone to fear but as a child of God, there’s no need to fear because you know who has called you to whatever new journey you are meant to take.

 This anxiety comes as a result of the uncertainty we have when we are challenged to do something outside our comfort zones. But to be anxious means there is a lack of trust on your part. It may be that what you’re afraid of is preventing you from living your best life.

God is the one you’re working for. It is His work He is sending you to do. The vision may look huge but that is why God chose you. He will never call you to irrelevant things. Take it step by step, pray about it, launch into that new phase of your life gradually and there will be no need to fear.

Your assurance should be that, whatever God orders to be done, He pays for it. You have what it takes always. Just know that.

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The greatest use of your life is to love

Love is the greatest thing anyone can ever have and be privileged to give. The first commandment God gave is to love. The essence of love can’t be downplayed in any way. To even be successful in your businesses and careers, there has to be love for what you do.

For a healthy and ever flourishing connection with family and friends, even with strangers, there is the need for love. There will be nothing genuine in your life if love doesn’t precede it.

Love holds all things together. What even is love? Taking a cue from the word of God, love is patient, love is kind, it doesn’t envy, it doesn’t boast, it is not proud. Love is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, and it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love doesn’t delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. Love never fails. (1 Corinthians 13: 4-8). If we all should strive to possess all these virtues that characterizes love, we will have fulfillment for our lives because we made the most out of it. Hating people will rather burden you and leave you embittered. Let love lead.

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There is no age limit to achieving your dreams

No matter how far you’ve wandered from achieving your dreams or fulfilling destiny, so far as you have life, it’s never too late. John Glenn went to space at age 77, Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida at age 64, Colonel Sanders started KFC at age 65 and the list goes on.

Who knows, maybe you had the privilege to wake up today just so you could chase your dreams. It’s easy to give up and stay in your comfort zone but choose to make a difference. Make your 60 year old self proud of what your younger self achieved. Don’t leave any room for regrets.

This journey in life gets more joyful and purposeful when you remain open to your possibilities of gradually living in your purpose.

It is never too late to change careers, fall in love, go back to school, set up that business, get fit, start investing and saving, building your relationship with God etc. The most dangerous thing is not that you tried and failed but it is refusing to even try achieving your dreams. Make that attempt.

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Your timeline isn’t God’s timeline

This is one lesson I had to learn the hard way but it was worth it. Most times we are frustrated and struggle with fleeting things and it is until we stop and ponder to realize that there is time for every single thing under the sun.

I was chatting a lady friend sometime back and she was going on and on about how a school mate of hers is married with kids and another has a good relationship but she doesn’t know where hers is headed. She literally wanted to have what the others had.

Me: How tolerant are you with children?

She: Ei, I don’t like stress o so I’m not that okay with it yet.

See, God answers all prayers but according to His will and His timing. You may want some things immediately but the most important thing is, is it the right time for it? What’s the motive for that request?

Is it to match up with others or is it because you are strongly convinced that God knows best and He knows how prepared you are? If the purpose of something is unknown, abuse is inevitable. The earlier we grasp this, the better.

Dear cherished reader, these are five of the many “indispensables” I have learnt. I hope this resonates with you.

Let’s keep this conversation going in the comment section. What other essential lessons have you learnt and would like to share? It might be just what someone needs to hear. Share your indispensables with me too.

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