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wedding in Ghana

A wedding ceremony is a big deal for the couple, their immediate family and invited guests in Ghana. Weeks and weeks of meticulous planning goes into what we see on the D-day. Lately, a lot of ‘concert’ happens at these great events and it looks as if we are gradually missing the point. Let’s look at some embarrassing Ghanaian wedding traits.

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The By-force Wedding photographers and videographers

Professional wedding photography is damn expensive. Some pros charge between GHS 1,000-2,500 for a three-hour wedding. By pros, I don’t mean the bra photoo (photographer) in our neighbourhood; as for them GHS 100 kwraa is cool (this my mouth).

So it’s mind boggling how photographers and videographers who have charged GHS 2K and GHS 1K respectively, come to the venue and they can’t do their jobs because someone is not allowing them to. People come to weddings and decide to make themselves photographers, obstructing the view of the pros. Related: Heart Matters: To Love Or Not To Love

There are four things, no five, which annoy me about such wedding paparazzo.

• They mostly don’t use correct phones for their coverage too (China things)

• Those who lift their tablets like demonstrators displaying placards by the roadside

• Their phone’s memory too is not big (don’t ask me how I know this).

• Their capture sound alone can wake a napping child (thunder clap).

• These 2×4 photoo deny the congregation the pleasure of seeing what is happening in front. Such rudeness.

• Bonus: After taking pictures of someone’s wedding, they’ll immediately share on Facebook. Annoying china phone coverage.

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If you want to see their show, look out for them:

• When the bride is entering the auditorium.

• During the kissing part.

• When the couple is having the first dance

• When the couple is recessing.

• During order of photography

On behalf of people whose view you block, I ask that you keep your phone(s) in your bag/pocket next time you attend a wedding. We all have phones. Annoying.

Before I forget. Abeg o, those who take coverage at weddings, where do they store their work of art? Don’t tell me it’s on some five terabyte external hard drive sitting somewhere at home….. Hunam p3 job fuor, ayeeko (well done, unwelcomed volunteers).

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Gate crushers and their attitude bi In Ghana

It’s increasingly becoming embarrassing to hold a wedding for 400 persons only to find 500 people patiently waiting to be served. It’s the biggest pressure. If you are a man, don’t serve them; you’ll see your samia (smell pepper) that day… They’ll ‘stand on your need’ (bother you) till you sort them out.

Please, if no one has officially invited you for a wedding, don’t go. Respect yourself small; sit in your house and relax your body.

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When things don’t go as planned At A Wedding In Ghana

Half the time, the couple may be sweating not cos the fan is not blowing cooler air. At times, they simply can’t sit still when things don’t go as planned; the things couples see while seated on the hot seat, only God knows. Let me share a few I have observed or heard about.

• The bride is delaying in coming to the auditorium (no pun intended).

• Wedding car gets faulty.

• Photographer and videographer both come after the ceremony has ended.

• Seats reserved for dignitaries are empty.

• Bestman to groom: “Charlie, the woman we took the loan from is here for her balance”.

• You shadow (see) like three of your exs seated comfortably in the auditorium.

• Church leaders and emcee are talking plenty, making the program drag.

• Your protocol team is having a hard time executing as planned

• It’s refreshment time and your caterer hasn’t appeared with the food or cake.

NB: The above is not my portion wai. Wink.


General indiscipline

• While popping champagnes, some people place their thumb over the tip of the drink. When they’re done contaminating the content, they come round to serve. SMH

Can you blame them? They watch too much TV and copy blindly; the fact that jubilant football players spray Champaign mean you can do same in church…. Abeg, use your head.

• Littering the premise.

• Guests don’t come bearing gifts yet have high expectations for everything.

I guess it’s time I scan “Courtesy For Boys And Girls” and distribute to wedding guests for free.

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Forgotten Wedding Message

Interestingly, majority of the attendees and the couple themselves don’t listen to anything. Many a time, people don’t recall jack; from décor, food, sermon, etc. Can you blame them?

The couple busy thinking about how the pastor should close quickly for them to go nap after a tiring wedding ceremony. The napping bit is very necessary though.

The congregation is either in a hurry to go take selfies outside, chat with friends or find something to eat. Man taya (is tired).

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Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.
Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

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