ToosweetCwesiMorris: Letter to my future wife


Letter 1

Dear future wife,

My love letter to you is simple. I may not be the choice of your parents. I am a middle class gentleman, living with his parents in the same chambered room. Sometimes, I even wear my dad’s boxer shorts and his knickers to come see you. I cant give you all the world’s possession. All I have is my heart.

We have peace in our family despite our meagre meals. When we are satisfied, we share jokes, giggle and have lots of fun. I don’t want gold i don’t want cars from you, i just want your love till eternity!


Letter 2

Dear future wife,

I have failed many times in my attempts to give my love to ladies but i know you won’t turn me down. I’m not perfect but i don’t often make mistakes. As I remember it, we were born from imperfect parents. Just love me the way I am.

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Letter 3

Dear future wife,

I’m afraid to say “let’s get married“. I can’t stand you talking a whole day with someone else, for fear of being snatched from me . Please make me your top most priority. I’m not saying you should be an introvert for my sake. What I really mean is that don’t break my heart!


Letter 4

Dear future wife,

I hope you are fine? This morning I can’t give you more than my words of heartbeats. I promised you earlier that I was not gonna be too bitter for you but toosweet as my name says.


Letter 5

Dear future wife,

I’m very optimistic you really love me and you appreciate any efforts I put up just to remain calm in your custody. Never mind when I feel too shy to talk to you. It’s all about love. I love you much my future wife.


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Letter 6

Dear future wife,

My friends always talk about their girlfriends to me. I feel jealous when I hear them talk about the sweet moments they have together. Could we go out one day since we have never done so before? Lemme hear from you. Thanks


Letter 7

Dear future wife,

This is pissing but I should tell you. I have lost your contacts and can’t seem to trace your number from memory. Unfortunately, I can hardly remember what you look like. Kindly send me your picture and your number so I could be in touch and see you beautiful face once again. Thanks.


Letter 8

Dear future wife,

I am Kwesi Bronii and you are so so and so Bibinii. We are different races but one people. Please don’t underrate me and I won’t do that either. There’s no time to look sideways when loving someone like you and you loving someone like me.


Letter 9

Dear future wife,

I’m sure you were born on Sunday cos your character traits depict it. Like all Sunday born ladies, you are caring, simply amazing and very much respectful.

I may be wrong. I’m dying to know the exact day you were born.


Letter 10

Dear future wife,

I remember when I first had your reply to my love letters. I couldn’t sleep that night as I kept reading your line “I love you too dear”. It was so soothing. Much love dear.


Letter 11

Dear future wife,

Let us assume that you are pregnant and very soon you are gonna be a mother and I’m gonna be a father too. Have you thought of a name we should give to our baby? What if they are twins? Please think about it.


Letter 12

Dear future wife,

There’s a saying that,” if you fear to divorce, you won’t find a better marriage”. Listen and trust me when i say our marriage will be more historic than that of Romeo and Juliet.


Letter 13

Dear future wife,

Don’t look at your female friends who have boyfriends and liken them to me. A gentleman with a good heart is more powerful than another with six packs, beard gang and an unpleasant behaviour. I’m Toosweet for loving you, that’s my name. Like me as I am and I promise to remain toosweet to you like you have never experienced.


Letter 14

Dear future wife,

I’m very down-hearted this evening. This morning I came to your house to see you and I met your dad. He looked at me sternly when he saw the different sizes of my only sandals and how tarted my pair of trousers was. When he asks who I am, please tell him I’m your “LOVE MAID”. Much love dear .


Letter 15

Dear future wife,

You are an exceptional lady. I use to rate my mum as the best thing that happened to me, until I met you. Officially my mum has been replace.

I use to joke and tease my mum about just anything. Don’t be mad if i start giving you names; it’s all about love.


Letter 16

Dear future wife,

I’m sorry i haven’t been writing to you of late. As at now, I’m too broke to buy a pen, paper and postage stamp. Please keep my old letters safe in your heart. Read them everyday until I write again. Your love Kwesi.


Letter 17

Dear future wife,

I’m lonely as I write you this letter. I enjoy your caressing and cuddling. When i hear my parents fighting at nights on their bed, i feel like not sleeping. I eavesdrop on their romantic comedy and can’t wait to imitate on you. Your love kwesi.


Letter 18

Very soon the rent for our single room rent will be due and I have no idea where we are moving to next. My parents don’t have enough money to rent another room, making me put all my concentration on you. How am I going to cope without seeing or hearing from you?


Letter 19

Dear future wife,

This morning I’m feeling too cold to even take shower.  I doubt I’ll bath two times today. As for me, I wont spare you when you don’t bath twice. Thank you.



Letter 20

Dear future wife,

Future wife, it was just recently i came to know the real you. Because of what I have come to know about you, I just can’t resist loving you!

Love Stories By: Morris Osei


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