Mother Shares Son’s Dear Dough Gh Kiddie Bake Class Experience

Dear Dough Gh Kiddie Bake Class

A Kiddie Bake Class in Ghana was not possible until recently when a Ghana-based firm organised 8-14-year-olds to try their hands on cake making. The bunch of youngsters didn’t disappoint as they mesmerised parents and cake lovers at the Maiden Edition of the Dear Dough Gh Kiddie Bake Class.

Research has shown that hands-on and active learning is the most effective way to teach students. Because these educational activities are fun and help children solidify educational concepts and remember them throughout life.

Dear Dough Kiddie Bake Class

A proud mother of a Dear Dough Gh cake baker, Rushie Nylander-Dufu expressed her disbelief when her 10-year old son, Jason Dufu said he could now bake. “My son Jason spoke to me about enrolling in a kiddie bake class and that request coming from a boy surprised me a bit. But enrolling him in the program has changed him and me as well. He now tries his hand on the recipes at the least chance and I’m very proud of him.”

Recounting the feeling when Jason baked his first cake, she said “I can barely describe to you the excitement he felt when he came home with the cakes. He literally jumped into my arms and gave me a big hug. He was so unbelievably gratified by his accomplishment”.

The excellent story about children applying Maths, Science and hygiene principles to baking is the reason to enrol your ward for the second edition of Dear Dough Gh baking class come Saturday, February 17, 2018.



The Dear Dough Gh Magic Formula

Jason Dufu, a pupil of the North Ridge Lyceum, and the mum are not the only ones grateful to Dear Dough. Other parents mentioned how the class made baking of cake and cupcakes so simple, engaging and fun for their wards. They made new friends on that day as well making it all the more interesting.

Dear Dough Gh Kiddie Bake Class

Explaining the course details, Emma Wenani, Founder of Dear Dough said the kids enrol for the course they are taught and supervised to bake from scratch.

“The art of baking is more than meets the eye. The art leaves the baker elbow-deep in flour work. I am therefore glad kids between ages 8-14 have challenged themselves to learn to bake at that age. The efforts of kids like Jason has ruined the assertion that baking and cooking is difficult or cannot be made fun.”



What Part Two of Dear Dough Gh Kiddie Bake Class Has To Offer

Ms Wenani maintained that something exciting is brewing for the next edition happening Saturday, February 17, 2018.
One of the reasons why Kiddie Bake Class was born was because I miss the childhood times when we played outside with our friends and tried our hands on dirt as a method of learning how to cook. The motivation of Kiddie Bake Class is for kids to learn a new skill in a fun environment. Working with children to tap into their passions and abilities is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. The resounding compliments we received from participants, parents and school owners alike motivated us to launch the next edition.

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The Kiddie Bake Class will showcase the cake making prowess of hundreds of children nationwide; boost their self-esteem, redefining who they are, what they’re passionate about what they have to offer the world.

During each of the classes, kids get to bake and decorate two types of cakes. They are also taught about which ingredients and equipment are best for which types of recipes.

Dear Dough Kiddie Bake Class

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