Forget New Year Resolutions and Plan

forget new year resolutions and plan

When it comes to new year resolutions and the need to plan, biased arguments abound. Some quote ‘Many are the plans of man but only the counsel of the Lord shall stand’, to justify why Christians should allow God to do his thing. There is another group that resorts to knee-jerk approaches to justifying their actions. They use phrases like “that saith the Lord” and “as the spirit leads”. True or not? Only God knows. Others also quote Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord; plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” But they ignore the verse 12 “Then you will call on me and come and pray to me; and I will listen to you”.

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How to plan with God

This is the thing; God has a purpose for everyone at every point in his or her life. Nevertheless, he calls us forth to come and reason together. Not because He can’t impose them, but so He will direct our motives in accordance with His plans and purposes. He wants us to know them and schedule our days accordingly.

Many ministries, churches, and believers have been at a standstill for many years just because they have refused to make projections entirely. Proverbs says: “Go to the ant thou sluggard and consider its ways and be wise, it prepares it provision in summer; it gathers its food at harvest”. 

I get the fact that God says He knows the plans he has for you and I strongly hold on to it; but do you know even know what those plans are? How do you design your year, month and day in harmony to His if you don’t know them? 

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Should you ever get to the point where you think it is a bad idea to strategize your life as a Christian, remember this; God with all his power and might always planned; Noah, Nehemiah, David did same; even Jesus told parables about planning and its importance. 

Planning on your own is simply; you do it based on how you expect things to go. Planning with counsel from God is the kind that submits to God; you get to ask for his plans and purposes and draw yours based on what he says. The amazing thing is that this kind of planning comes with instructions and his support.

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The Sad Truth

Many of us ignore the essentials when making plans or new year resolutions. A man planning for marriage is doing so looking at his apparel, house, activities on the day and how he wants his marriage to go. Forgetting that God has a purpose for that marriage and (the man) learning to love his bride like Christ does.

Similarly, a woman planning her marriage is interested in how she would look on the day, her dress, tiara, makeup, guests, food et al. Ignoring the fact that God has given herself and soon to be husband a purpose and that is what she ought to prepare and receive instructions for.

A believer planning for the coming year is interested in having a new year’s wish (so called resolution); but isn’t consciously talking to God and drawing plans on how to grow spiritually in the coming year based on what God has planned.

Church or ministry leaders in preparing for a new year should not be thinking of how to grow numerically alone (though essential). They should rather be going to God to know His plans for the sheep and how to help them look like Christ.

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Importance of Planning

One of the main reasons why planning is important is so we can prepare adequately; this includes development in every sense of the word, both spiritually and intellectually. God has given you tasks, assignments and projects in life.  How do you execute these assignments if you don’t know His plans? How are you even going to develop yourself to execute it. 

Planning on your own is disastrous and will lead you into destruction; but planning with counsel from God will bring you to a successful end.

  • Is God’s way easier? No!
  • Is it stress proof? Yes! Cos he takes care of the anxiety.
  • Is it smooth and free of challenges? No! Nevertheless, you can bet that it will always bring you to a successful end if you follow through diligently.

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It will interest you to know that one difference between the rich and the poor is simply planning. Do you want to be financially stable in 2020? Want to be healthier? Want to be more productive? More fruitful? Want effectiveness? Less stress? If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions then your answer is simple. PLAN! 

If you start 2020 with God, I can guarantee you a super-duper year.

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What you can do differently

  1. Allocate or block at least two days to spend time with God and know what his plans for the next stage, year or phase of your life is.
  2. Based on this, write out what you will do about it.
  3. Set clear goals, tasks and timelines.
  4. Get accountable friends and family (People who equally have plans)
  5. Pray for clarity every step of the way.
  6. If it fails (which is less likely to happen), REPEAT the steps 1 -5. 
  7. Do this as often as you can to keep you on track.

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Conclusion on new year resolutions

You may not have thought of planning spiritually or physically for this new year; don’t worry, it’s just started so go ahead and make plans. Stop wishing (in the name of resolutions) and make a move!

A horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory is from the LORD. Proverbs 21:31. You prepare the horse and weapons and God will give the victory. 

PS: Go for a vacation in 2020, even if it means going to your village to relax; enjoy some freshly harvested farm produce.

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New Year Reolutions Story by Nana Yaw Nhyira Butah


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