The Magic Carpet: An Aladdin Inspired Story (Candy Replies)

The Magic Carpet_An Aladdin inspired story

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Candy is in bed with her phone in hand. Her face is all blushed up after speaking with Kwesi. She looks so carried away in her world of butterflies.

She is still relishing the sound of his deep baritone voice. So much excitement wells up in her now as she imagines all the goody-goodies Kwesi’s write up is bound to contain.

‘Bing, Bing’! That’s Kwesi already? She quickly scrolls down to see the notifications but stops; as if to tease her already anxious self. She shuts her eyes, like sleeping beauty, awaiting the kiss of prince charming. But this is not for long, she really cannot wait any longer!

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Candy is beside herself with joy in a split of a second. Kwesi never missed Aladdin too? She gasps as her eyes move hungrily from left to right. “Sweet coincidence! How come Aladdin never came up in our conversations?” she thought.

Making herself more comfortable in the bed, she keeps scrolling impatiently. Her eyes keep widening and closing up as she reads on. She expected something really good from Kwesi, but this is just out of the world!

Finishing up she closes her eyes in deep focus, trying to take all this in. Her expression is what the Swahili people caption ‘a letter from the heart can be read on the face’.

Are these not all the assurances she needed? The night was good; the disappearing stars and the silent whistles of the cool wind. Just like their first evening out. If Kwesi was this better than she thought, then there was no need holding back. Boy, the timing is just perfect! She exclaims, and with that, she begins to type her reply.

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Kwesi dear,

I know my response may seem too sudden but trust me I couldn’t do this any other time.

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Many years ago, I did not miss Aladdin too. I always thought Jasmine was so lucky, having Aladdin show up just when she needed him to. Was Aladdin your only fan? Well, I had more. I read and watched Cinderella, Snow White, and the Sleeping Beauty. Not only did I rehearse their girlish antics, I even wished that my life’s experiences will play out like theirs (as it seemed such girls were the lucky ones). O yeah, I was poised for my prince charming; ready to experience all the lovey-dovey moments these stories painted; especially the all-time famous ending- ‘And they lived happily ever after’!

But years on Kwesi, I realize they are fantasies. That Aladdin was no extraordinary hero; he could not even succeed on most of his rescue expeditions on his own. He had help from the genie. Remember? And what worth is it to have a step mum like Cinderella; or fall asleep for a hundred years like sleeping beauty before my prince charming comes along? Indeed these fairy tales only present a skewed view of relationships and marriages, especially the part about what each partner should bring to the table. The princess has only her beauty, and the prince his charm.

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I long learnt that there must be something more. That beyond my beauty I am responsible for developing myself, on the mental, spiritual, emotional and social front. That the man I end up with will only be a reflection of me; my personality, my values, my mindset. How would I have even made meaning of these simple but deep words in your write up if beyond my beauty I had neither understanding of, nor substantial views on issues?

You are right about Educational exploits, business successes, fame, status, beauty and sexual prowess. They are good and play their roles in marriage, but they are never the real deal. Because while all these contribute significantly in marriage, they are not as constant as Christ. They can fall short sometimes. They may even fail when needed the most. A marriage founded on these alone is a marriage that is founded on nothing at all.

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In view of this, I accept it wholeheartedly when you say a foundation built on Christ is what you want for us. Actually, before you came along, He (Christ) was all I had. He showed me that my single years will be productive only when I gave it all to him and allowed him to walk me through his purpose for my life. That, no man can do for me. If He has proven Himself as my sure foundation, then He will do same for us.

A foundation that encourages devotion, prayer and mutual respect. Having Godly children filled with Godly intelligence and wisdom as its fruits. What’s more, it can stand the test of time and has eternity as a priority. Ha! Na which kind woman no wan such security?

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And O sweetness, I suppose ‘I will see you through the eyes of Christ’, is from ‘The husband should love the wife as Christ loved the church and laid down his life for her’, as stated in the good book? You have won me all over again with that. I am beginning to imagine what bliss that will bring already!

You have no idea all the thoughts you have settled in my mind and the truths you have given credence to. I am glad you have placed the confidence for the success of our marriage not in you but in Christ. It is such a big relief. Thank You!

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So, of course, Kwesi, you will be more than Aladdin to me; having proved that you are not a man with relationship goals borne out of childish fairy tales. I am ready to learn with you; to build our own carpet of love. That way I can even fly myself to safety when you are not available. Ha! It already sounds like an adventure to me, and you know how much I love them!




And with that, Candy sends the message. She knows they have both taken a big leap in their courtship. The peace she feels in her heart is overwhelming.

Kwesi is just falling asleep when he hears his phone vibrate. He is reluctant to see who it is, seeing it is quite late. He does not expect Candy’s response this soon. She is too meticulous for that.

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Well, maybe he may be wrong about her this time.

“Candy already replied?” He whispers in wonder, speedily scrolling on his screen. After a while, he looks up; his face a mixture of relief, joy and anticipation. Talk of when your bride-to-be shares your ideals! The feeling is awesome! He now understands why the poop could not take away the peace and sweetness in his heart. Candy’s response is the actual Goodnight. He resolves. Soon he is a bundle of sleep; his lips spread into a wide smile.

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Story By Margaret Blankson

The Magic Carpet: An Aladdin Inspired Story (Candy Replies) Margaret Blankson


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