Matters of The Heart: My Love Psalm

Matters of The Heart: My Love Psalm

For a very long while now, I have been thinking about my Love life. Yeah, that one (this psalm). As unfaithful as I am and can be, cheating and flirting all over the place, my lover looks past all my perversion; simply shows me affection. Honestly speaking, there are days I really want to reciprocate this love, but all I want to do in demonstration is to sing a romantic song. Well, that’s all I want to do. Wait; I can do better.

There are times I genuinely want to just sit and have a good chat. But honestly, I get too selfish and walk away after I have said my part. Yet, my lover is still faithful and cares more about me than I can ever imagine. Once a while, I am tempted to choose between all my desires as against my lover’s. Sadly, my humanly uncommitted self disappoints.

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Forget the five love languages. My lover is overly multilingual. I am talking about one who showers me with beautiful gifts, has soft touches, has stuff planned for me daily, wouldn’t mind sitting next to me and following me everywhere; is available to help with every task and chore; would listen to all the rubbish you won’t take even if I paid you to and of course sporadically tells me how amazing I am. Opana has just spoilt me.

My heart of hearts wants to do stuff for me. I mean, pamper me, treat me well, give me comfort, attention, and wrap me in the affection. All that is expected in exchange for my commitment to this relationship and to give my best.

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The Psalm Reveal

Throughout the years, You have treated me with unfailing love, and mended my broken heart; I have walked out, pursued ‘others’, given my heart to other things and gotten it broken.  You have endured all my greed, selfishness and still love me with so much dexterity, like to say I earned it. Of course, I know if there is anything to lose I am at a disadvantage; yet, you make it look like it’s the other way round.

Am I even bothered at all? Nope! I don’t think so.

Matters of The Heart My Love Psalm

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Heavenly Father, I can go on and on and on about your Love. Your wrap around me, the things you bestow on me and the blessings upon my life.

In your Love, I see Sacrifice, Commitment and Faithfulness. I say with so much trepidity that your kind of love is difficult to appease; but then I remember your Holy Spirit, who is my helper and say: “Father help me to love you just as I ought to”.

Right now, I want an answer to the question King David asked some centuries ago. “What is this man (Nhyira), that you are mindful of? and this wicked and self-centred son of man that you visit?”

PS: Babe, the day I attain perfection in this relationship, I will be so irresistible. Until then, demand my loyalty in this one and I can’t but love you more.

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Post by Nana Yaw Nhyira Butah

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