Intimacy With God: A Sinner’s Prayer


A sinner is before you, Lord.

I came to you when I desperately needed a job, spouse, child, healing, traveling abroad, and money. I joined the flock with little understanding of why certain things happened the way they did. This is how I saw it.

I realized there was always a day set aside to celebrate an organization—Men, Women, Youth, Children, Musicians. Reviewing the same calendar, I saw Missions, not forgetting Pastors—in the church.

There are a vast number of members who do not belong to any ministry in the church. Yet, they are a niched market amongst the traditional ministries. I call this “ungrouped group” the BYSTANDERS. It is this same group I find myself in. Do not say I told you this; Many members of my church fall within this group; well, I don’t know about you, my dear reader. I will gist you on the life and weekly routine of the bystander in the church of Jesus Christ. Please wish me luck as I embark on this mission to tell you how reckless my life actually was.

I am not a preacher (full time or lay), singer, an elder, or an usher in my church. I am simply that gentleman who comes into the church unnoticed by others and leaves unnoticed. No one has ever seen me tithe, give offering, sing aloud, clap, dance, or give a testimony. It nearly escaped me; I’m that gentleman who comes to church once in two months. When I decide to come, I never report on time but always leave before service officially closes. I guess I qualify as a sinner now.

How A Sinner Prayed

Impatient readers would be asking, “from whence cometh the sinner’s prayer”. The answer goes like this:

  • Father Lord, please forgive me for being stubborn in the vineyard.
  • Forgive me for causing so many others to follow my example.
  • Forgive me for not saying my morning or bedtime prayers because I was in a hurry or tired.
  • Lord, forgive me for skipping prayer sessions, bible studies, Sunday and other mid-week services.
  • Forgive me for not knowing the name, address, and cell number of the person who sat by me last Sunday.
  • Forgive me for failing to read your word and doing my quite time daily.
  • Father, forgive me for buying a Bible and refusing to carry it to church weekly.
  • Forgive me for turning my cell phone on during church services.
  • Forgive me Father for the many wrongs I have forgotten to list.

Please take me back to the place where I first received you and please don’t give up on me.

I thank you for hearing me.


Sinner’s Prayer

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