New Year vibes: Dark Clouds

New Year Vibes: Dark Clouds

New Year………..

Dark clouds

Walking over my head

Inside my head,

Is full of dark yet clear thoughts

Parents run helter-skelter

Screaming out names

Names of their offsprings

Calling them to seek refuge

Under their firm foundations

Floating solidly in the wind

Viewing from afar, I see

Some little ones paragliding

With pieces of clothes

Flirting around their waist

The sweet scent of the rains

Brings joy to our hearts

And the same rain causes fear and panic

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In the sight of these same people

The year is about to die

It has died several times before 

Since the beginning of time

Without any tears from the clouds

So why the sudden change of attitude

Or perhaps 2019 is afraid to die

So 2020 can be born

Nobody can tell unless the creator

But in everything, we all can’t wait

To see the face of the new year 

Rain Rain go away and don’t come again another day

For we will need you again tomorrow

When the new year is born and 2019 gone

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Clouds, as a phrase, is one of the most useful metaphors of all time. Dark clouds indicate the cloud has enough moisture to absorb all the light passing through them from above or that sunlight is blocked by the sun setting over the horizon.

Dark clouds, like rain or a new year, are shrouded in uncertainties; whiles its outcomes can range from good, better, best, bad, or worse.

The answer(s) to how the year will end or a new one will commence are best known by the almighty. Do make the most out of it. Peace!

New Year Vibes: Dark Clouds poem by S. Kojo Frimpong

S. Kojo Frimpong

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