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Send to 10 people or “forward to 20 people blah blah” has become the order of the day. Ignorant men and women have taken over social media and WhatsApp to spread falsehood. Their recklessness has in fact converted many naïve fellows as such. This kind of spamming has become rampantly annoying to the extent even Jesus is tired.

Please stop asking people to like, type amen or send to. I have read the Bible a few times. Never did I read that God answered prayers based on likes, amen or send to. That is not a proper use and application of our faith. Stop the madness on the WhatsApp groups and via direct messages. It’s not cool.

The one that kills me kwraaa is the “Jesus has seen you struggling with something…”. Who on this earth doesn’t struggle with something? Another one too goes like “This is to test. Does God come first in your life? If so, stop whatever you are doing and send to 20 people”. Ebufusem.


How ‘Send to’ is destroying Brands

Imagine waking up one morning to the news that some people are circulating falsehoods about your company without proof. How will you feel? Well, destroying someone’s brand or image, for no wrong done, is traumatic. If tact is not applied, the brand may never resurrect from the dent. According to branding and marketing experts, the image of any organization is its biggest. That explains why someone will buy a Jaguar over a Corolla, though both cars can move to a destination. The reputation that Jaguar has built for itself is what makes people choose that brand over another.

Now, back to the case in question. I have been on social media and done my best to ignore the nuisance people spew. It wasn’t easy, especially because their methods are very irritating and crude. We were in this country when people took to WhatsApp to destroy Rush Energy Drink, Jack n Jill, etc.

The image of brands built over many years are being tarnished by people who can hardly take care of themselves. Forgive me but I bore waaaaa.


This is how the whole Rush Energy Drink crisis started.

Send to

Send To: The Unverified facts

Ghanaians play too much. When it comes to spreading unverified facts, we are champions. We are quick to amply the death, product defects, disease outbreak and filla about celebrities especially.

It’s not even possible for oranges to test positive for HIV & AIDS due to a contamination. I’ve read a few materials to know that HIV cannot be transmitted in the manner described.

Blood-borne infection with HIV can occur through:

  • sharing injection equipment when shooting drugs
  • Unprotected sex with an infected person
  • getting tattoos or body piercings with unsterilized needles
  • accidental needle sticks
  • blood transfusions
  • splashing blood in your eyes

The Legal Implications

Widespread social media access and usage has made it easier for defamatory content to reach a broad audience.

Lawsuit: You can be sued for defamation if plaintiff can proof your comment negatively affected them or their business.

Content removal from social media: If you believe someone is slandering you on Facebook for example, the supposed content can be reported as harassment.


Send to Menace: Way forward

  • Don’t feel compelled to post or share any info you’re not sure of.
  • Don’t trust anything you see online. Take your time and ask questions. If you are not sure, talk to a more experienced person.
  • Don’t be part of the few Ghanaians spreading false info, causing fear and ruining businesses. Let’s apply the golden rule.
  • If you don’t want anybody looking down on you based on what you post or share, stay off.


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