The Prayer Walk

Prayers for Christians

My soon-to-be husband asked that we take a prayer walk (praying while walking). Before I gave a response, I had lots of thoughts running through my mind.

“How can this dude want us to go for this so called ‘prayer walk’ when I’ve lost my job. It’s only three weeks to our engagement”, I said inaudibly. “He must be a joker. He should call one of his many business partners and secure me a job w?h?. Or he’s happy I lost my job (what a silly thing to think but charley my mind was hot).”

Before leaving, we said a short prayer and set out from my father’s house at Boade-Nungua.

When we started the walk, I had frowned in my heart but was smiling outwardly because it was not the solution I was expecting from him. But I didn’t want to make it obvious with my look. “How can I claim to be a vibrant Christian and forget God as the best solution for this plight” I thought. Shame on me.

When we had gone a bit into the walk, I stopped the plenty thinking and took the walk more seriously. The guy was praying la so I joined him. Now I felt some inner satisfaction and my faith began swelling up again.

prayer walk

We got to the Nungua barrier and returned to Boade. The walk was a bit long but at the end. I knew I would land the job God had designed for me before even time began. “The God you introduced me to, has done it already”, my fiancé said. See o, I helped him love God more. Now he’s helping me not to bypass God and get solution from elsewhere.

The Prayer Walk Result

After the prayer walk, I had a job interview two weeks after the walk. Just a week to my engagement ceremony, I had this job which was better than my previous job. “Baby, the prayer walk worked, God be praised!” I told my fiancé after I got my appointment letter to start work.

Prayer actually works, I tell you it really does. Don’t look elsewhere.

A Ghanaian Christian Story By: Aba Oduma Asiedu

Regina Oduma Asiedu

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