Yine-Win: ‘Love In The Air’ Brewed With Kolko


Yine-Win and the Groove Music Band have released an afro-fused single titled “Love in the Air”. The song is cooked with ingredients from jazz, highlife and heavily pregnant with an indigenous musical instrument known as Kolko.

Love in the Air starts off with a thick cloud of strings interlaced with piano scales and a touch of Richard Bona’s vocal riffs. The kolko, trumpets and a fusion of both Ghanaian and other instruments makes this song one of a kind. Written in Frafra and English, Yine-Win’s song is a perfect composition highlighting Ghana and its diverse music.

According to Yine-Win, Godwin Anonyine Akanyele, the song is meant to make people feel loved, and cared for. “My song is designed to bring revival to people who have given give up.”


Listen to Yine-Win’s Love In the Air below: 

 Love In The Air lyrics

There is Love

In the air

Forget all of your troubles

Forget all of your problems


When you see

Through your heart

You find love all around you

You find love all around you


About Yine-Win

Yine-Win is the last of seven children born to Mr Alfred Akanyele and Mrs Florence Akanyele. He was born into a family of musicians, where he started playing drums by age nine. As he grew up, he fell in love with jazz music. He again realised music actually originated from culture. This idea challenged him to associate his music to his culture (that is what he own as an individual).


About The Groove Music Band

Yine WineFor the past four year, Groove Music Band has performed covers mostly on highlife, afrobeats and jazz. The band is known for stylish improvisations and bringing African feels into covers.

The band has George Makae & Moses Laryeah on bass guitar, Yine Win & Nana Barima on drums, Alex Dade & Frank on keyboards, Gotleib Dogbey, guitar, Daniel Adu (percussion), Talata (vocal).


About The Kolko Instrument

The kolko is the Frafra name for lute (two-stinged) instrument used around the world. The body of the instrument is a calabash gourd resonator, covered with hairless animal skin, and a wooden neck. An animal skin is tied around the wooden neck which holds the strings down.

Atongo Zimba, King Ayisoba and Stevoo are among the great Kolko musicians Ghana has known.

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