Life Matters-Who Is Your Friend

A friend is, as it were, a second self, according to Marcus Tullius Cicero. I know people who have had their lives messed up by others through mistrust, negligence and some unwise friend choices. I have also met a good number whose lives have been transformed through the efforts of their friends. In this piece, I will talk about the people who can make or unmake us: FRIENDS.

Who do you call a friend?

Apart from the families we come from, the next group who can help us to make it or other is our friends. We usually find them in school, work, church, neighbourhood and online. However and wherever we meet them, they become part of our lives.   With such people, we share our thoughts, dreams, aspirations and ambitions. My experiences with certain people as friends has led me to many situations both good and bad. Though I learnt lessons from the bad ones, I don’t want to recall them.

The Positive Friend

Some friends just inspire you even without realising.  A friend, Joycelyn Aniniwah Annor-Antwi produces motivational write ups which she shares worldwide. I cherish her friendship very much…..Friends like her share ideas and situations that (in) directly helps you to unveil some talents you may not even know you possess, or unravel a mystery in your life.

The Negative Friend

There are people we call friends who are actually dream snatchers, killers of God-given talents and professional discouragers.   Sometimes, out of jealousy, they say or do things you may not notice but they are really bringing you down.

The Way-forward

  • Do not wait for friends to bring you down before you uplift yourself. Pull those friends off your list.
  • Any association that leads to drug addition, prison, losing money, properties, and job divorce is negative.
  • As the Twi adage translates “it’s with the assistance of a tree that the rope sees the skies”. Simply put, one needs a push when climbing the ladder of success. Be mindful of who is behind you, he or she may be a PhD (Pull him down) holder smiling with you.
  • Blacklist people who only come to you looking for favours.
  • Be wise as a serpent.

A Ghanaian Friend Story By: Vida Osei



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