Dear Guys….


Guys! Many of you rid us of our innocence and end up calling us names like shashee, pooley, ashawo and the likes. You, as perpetrators, do not have names to shame your motives and evil deeds. How sad.

We, as a bevy, are happy to inform you of our current and future decisions. From hence, we are only looking at the focus-minded guys not the “yoyo” type. By yoyo, I mean guys who force their way with women and rudely portray us negatively to the world. We intend securing our future with men who do not just go to church to show off fancy clothing.

Society’s Double Standards About Guys

We, the victims of your cunning ways, are rather advised on how to please a man. Actually, we are sick and tired of messages on how women should behave, dress, talk, sit, stand, eat, laugh, etc. We are sick of no one telling you to stop being foolish; to stop chasing innocent girls around until they succumb to your pressures.

No one tells you to stop having wild parties in the name of fun. Also, no one tells you to pull up your pants or not to join your boys to be cat calling women. There are women whose virginity you break and end up calling prostitutes. There are those you impregnate and end up denying responsibility. Why doesn’t society tell you to be responsible? Why does society say nothing at your folly? If women were to cat call you as much as you do us, we can be sure to have a perfect rebuke and a lecture on “How A Woman Should Behave 101”.

We are tired, dear guys. Yes, we are! We are choosing guys who will respect us enough to take us to the altar before uncovering our nakedness. We are choosing guys after God’s own heart. And we are choosing guys who will not drag us to night clubs to drug us, dig us and dump us.

What We Want In Guys

  • We want men who won’t ask for nudes.
  • Men who won’t touch us at improper places.
  • We want men who won’t defile our lips and bodies.
  • Men who appreciate our very worth.
  • We want men who, when they become our husbands, won’t just use the bedroom as a sexual avenue but also a war room to map prayer strategies.

Just so you know, there are sons of God out there who do all these and more. They are the ones we are seeking after.

Notice is hereby served.

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Ghanaian Guys Story By: Jaynes Quill

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