The Captain’s Wife’s Tears

The captain’s wife wept and this is how it happened.

Soaring to the highest level as a captain is one of the greatest achievement of a hardworking man. Considering Captain Sackey’s background, this feat is a plus paaaa. He once confided in me, ”my friend, I use to pack my farm clothes into my school bag. Immediately school closes, I head for the farm to work and get something to eat.”

The life of this poor but clever lad was a hard one and people tease him well well. He was always armed with gari and dry coconut (kube Wiripe,a typical fanti guy will call it) come rain or shine. That and many more were Sackey’s appetizing lunch. Hmmmmmm.

Sackey completed senior high School and fortunately gained admission into Regional Maritime University, where he studied Marine Engineering. Sackey completed his course successfully and got gainfully employed. He became the latest “money swine” in town. Come and see the way ladies were throwing themselves at him but he had other priorities. He was burnt on rebuilding and furnishing his mother’s dilapidated house.

Captain married Auntie Esi’s daughter, Asieduah, a fine and humble lady in Cape Coast. They moved to East Legon in Accra, where they were to start life afresh. Upon getting to their new mansion, he opened the door to the master bedroom, and dropped the bags. He got rid of his pair of trousers and romantically unzipped Asieduah’s dress. They knelt before their virgin bed and thanked God for a successful marriage.

While Captain was busy with foreplay, his phone rung. “Who could that be?” the wife asked herself. All she could hear was “okay boss, okay boss” and Captain’s cheerful face metamorphosed immediately.

“Honey everything alright?”Asieduah questioned.

“My ship just got to town and my superiors need me at the habour to travel out of town.”

“So I will live in this biiig house alone?”Asieduah puzzled.

Captain picked his bag, grabbed the wife and they began a marathon of a kissing session. After releasing her, come see the way Asieduah was panting heavily. “It’s time to go” Captain said and sped off.

Confused and unsatisfied Asieduah sat in the couch and started asking herself questions. “Is it good to marry a marine engineer or what? How am I going to cope all alone in a new area with no friends?” Sorrow and confusion bathed Asieduah totally.

A year passed and the freshly-wedded wife was still unwrapped. All she had of her husband was his voice and their first and last kiss. She had to live her life though so she resorted to other forms of entertainment. Playing games on the phone, chatting on social media and watching telenovelas was all she did with her time.

One fine Sunday afternoon while Asieduah was cooking banku and fanti fanti (a popular fanti stew prepared with fresh fish), she heard her phone ring. She ran like Usain Bolt to pick up, as if she was expecting a call. A familiar voice from the other end said “Hello my love, I’m on the motorway heading home. Please prepare my favourite meal, I’ll be there in a bit”.

With phone in her hand, Asiedua was overjoyed. “Today be today” she shouted. She swept, laid the bed and sprayed a perfumed into the atmosphere. The phone buzzed again while she was engulfed in the beautification exercise. “My husband is coming home today o, which strange number wants to spoil my connection”, Asieduah slammed, not minding if the on the other end heard her.
“I’m a doctor at Korle-Bu Emergency Ward” the caller retorted. “Your husband gave me this number before he died”.

“Doctor you said what” the heart-burning wife asked.
Shaking and sweating profusely, the virgin of a widow cried her eyes out. She jumped into a taxi, forgetting about the stew she left on the stove.

The Captain’s Wife’s Tear

Moments in traffic, a call came through from a neighbour about her house being on fire. “Madam, hurry up and come o, your house is burning gidigidi”.

“What is this? Am I facing the second half of Job’s persecution?” she asked herself.

The news was all over the place. The young lady was homeless, cashless, husbandless and had a funeral to plan.

Today, Asieduah sells bread in Abakrampa, a town located in Cape Coast in Abura Asebu Kwamankese District.

As our elders say, Life is someway.

A Ghanaian Story by Hammond Okwan

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