Traffic Tales

Traffic Tales

Around this time,
The tall tails of traffic trips,
With varying tours of tickets.

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Around this time,
A teaming trendy tally of travellers,
Still treks to Tema station area,
To transact the Timeless tunic and tasty tuna trades.

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Around this time;
The tilting sluggish motions,
Tickles temperaments of transporters,
From Tamale, Takoradi, Tefle, Techiman, Tokroanu, Tutu, Tumu, and Tutukpene,
To tell the traffic tales of these trades.

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Around this time;
The trickery of the tricksters’ increases,
With tangible troubles on those in transit,
Who tabulate their transactions in turns.

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Yet, around this time;
Revellers from other transmission zones,
Join commuters to terminate their tiredness,
By walking through the shades of this seasonal truce.

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Around this time again;
Tumbling prices,
Threatens to shoot temperatures up.
Yet, those with technical tact,
Still dare to trace their routes to Tudu,
Bustling with trendy annual traffic tempers of hampers.

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But as you prepare to navigate
Through the traffic jam in town, around this time,
Kindly take care of yourself even as
The traffic wardens perform their tasks,
Of tagging the tracks on Taylor’s trail,
Of telling the talking traffic at the Tesano, Teshie, Kojo Thompson, Tulaku and Tuba transit safely.

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In the slow-motion of these traffic affairs,
Can we be bothered by the transgressions of our teachers, leaders, and planners to tackle this trouble?
Perhaps, sipping your tea or turmeric with two others is a good treatment for yourself.

Good day to you.
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Poem by Kwesi Yirenkyi Boateng

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