Poetry: The Old Effigy

old effigy

Poetry: The Old Effigy

*S Kojo Frimpong*

The old effigy

There used to be a man

Standing still in front of my school

He was motionless but he reached out to

Every student when they are fast asleep

In the darkest hours of the night

He wore an old rickety cap and haboured power beneath him

For he had knowledge under his feet

He stood with his one leg

Positioned on a pile of books

And the other hanging in the mid air

Like a cock afraid of loosing a leg

As he darkened the whole school

With a torch in one hand

And a collation of chaotic heavens in the other

With the demons trapped in the moon

Dancing like heathen inviting Hades to dine

By tormenting children.

What a father he became!

Because he was believed to be a protector

A model to look up to

No wonder we woke one morning

Only to witness him fall

And break into pieces

He fell with such great might

That the earth trembled and heavens roared

In so much pain that the earth was flooded with tears

Because his fall was something never thought of

*P K Addisu* Poem

Before the Assembly grounds

Stood this figure

A man of history with a broken arm and legs

His frozen arm held high the torch which never shone for decades

And history could not recall

How long he stood strongly on a leg

Yet he never gave up

He had the spirit of a soldier but failed his one purpose on earth

The man never made his light shone

He looked very weary and scary

But He was the only Image that beautified the school

On his dooms day,

The gods descended into one mighty man,

Gave him the weapon of Thor

Which landed him in one strong stroke

Oh what a pity! to witness his fall

It took the messenger of Zeus

Dozens of blows to befall mighty Hercules

He was treated unfairly

Like he was a cast out of heaven like Lucifer

And his mortal remains remained

Swimming in the deep gutters constructed by erosion

That was the only memory left of him

On the path that led to our mystic well

Right in front of the teachers bungalow.

A Ghanaian poetry by S. Kojo Frimpong & PK Addisu

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