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Daniel has been married for close to 4 years and he thought he knew his wife Shinelle. He honestly thought he knew this woman so well because all this while, he spent so much of his time and love to make her happy. For whatever reason, Daniel fixed a camera in their bedroom and that of their living room to find out exactly why he felt something could be going on in his home.

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Daniel works so hard as an accountant to take care of his family. Before marriage, he used to sleep for 4 to 5 hours a day. And that had been his normal routine for years. He always woke up before 3 am. However, on his wedding night, he woke up at 9 am the following morning. Initially, he thought it was because he was stressed from the wedding, but that wasn’t the case.

Can you imagine, Daniel and Shinelle didn’t have sex to seal the marriage because she claimed she was tired. And before he made an attempt to have sex in the morning, he realised his wife was wet. Daniel noticed someone had penetrated his wife already at dawn. He tried so hard not to make an issue out of it.

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The Best Man Duties

Daniel resumed his 4 to 5 hours sleep routine. But then twice every week, he overslept and in those two days he overslept, he got to work very late. Daniel had no choice than to pay attention to his instincts. He hid a camera in the house, to figure out what could be the problem.

Coming back to watch what the camera recorded, Daniel saw something very interesting. All the days he overslept, Shinelle apparently covered his nose with a handkerchief she pulls out from a covered bottle. He saw her drop a liquid substance in the bottle after pushing the handkerchief in.

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The shock of his life was when he saw his best friend entering his room after 20 minutes of the ritual; and then having sex with his wife in their bedroom, whiles he was sleeping. This had been happening to him in his house for the past 4 years.

Playing the part of their honeymoon in his head, he made sense of the whole happening. His best friend and best man stayed in the same hotel they spent their honeymoon. This story about his best man taught Daniel to be always vigilant, taking nothing for granted.

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Daniel hasn’t taken any step yet. He hasn’t confronted any of them with evidence either. He is just planning on what to do. His current options include:

  • Divorcing the wife


  • Killing them both


  • Sharing the video with the parents of the wife and their pastor


  • Sleeping with the best friend’s wife too


  • Travelling out of town and later leaking the sex videos


What would you have done if you were in his shoes? Hmm, friends SMH.


Best Man Story by Maame Yaa Obbih

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