Casanova Chronicles: The Hard Knock


“Baaba, have you told Ebo the pregnancy isn’t his”? Esther asked her Casanova buddy. (Baaba being a casanova, is for special effect purposes. We’ll find out why).

“So you mean I should deny my unborn child the best future? Do you think that useless man who calls himself Steve can afford printing fees of a basic school pupil? I honestly know this whole plan is diabolical but I can’t help it, Esther.”

Esther walked up to Baaba, who was seated on the couch. “So what better explanation can you give Ebo if he should find out about this?”
“I’m not going to tell him anything and I’ll hold you responsible if he gets to know”, Baaba added.

“Girlfriend, you have more dirt on me than I have on you. You know about my numerous abortions and how I use juju to make men follow me like dogs. Why would I inform Ebo about this?”

“Hmmmm! It’s true though. What do you suggest?”


Esther whispered something into her ears.

“What!” Baaba shouted.

“You heard right. I think you should get rid of it”

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The Accident (Sweet Mistake)

Unknown to them, Auntie Maggie, Ebo’s mum was eavesdropping on their conversation. The disappointed Auntie Maggie walked briskly down the stairs to come face the duo when she fell without warning. Hmmmmmm. A typical beauty (very pretty and exceptionally well-endowed) without brain of a house help had left water unattended to on the stairs. Earlier that same week, the house help had left the gas stove on deliberately; when asked why she did that, she said the kitchen felt cold. Anyways.

The found Auntie Maggie on the ground, unconscious and bleeding profusely. They rushed her to the hospital within minutes.
At the hospital, the nurses put her on a stretcher and raced towards the emergency ward. The service of the nurses in Adwenpa Hospital that time of the day was commendable. Doctor Sammy, was called upon to attend to the patient; he did what he could do within one hour in the emergency room. His countenance wasn’t too bright when he came out of the room.

Doctor Sammy asked, “Who brought the woman in the emergency room”. Baaba and Esther were lost in thought that they didn’t hear the medical officer calling for them; don’t get it wrong. They were not worried about her health and survival; their headache was whether she heard their conversation or not.

Doctor Sammy, got closer and patted Baaba on the right shoulder. “Madam, are you the one who brought the woman here?”


Baaba froze in her tracks and so did the doctor.


Another Casanova Distin

Doctor Sammy and Baaba were supposed to have gotten married some five years ago. In the process of preparing, Baaba duped him of monies worth billions of Cedis and vanished into thin air.

The only third party, Esther, who was looking at them in amazement, kept wondering if they knew each other. “Doctor, please how’s the woman doing? She’s my Auntie; talk to me!”

“She’s doing well but she needs some rest….” he replied impudently, walking out on both Baaba and Esther.
Baaba followed him and motioned to Esther not to follow.

Ebo had been busy all afternoon doing presentations. It occurred to him he hadn’t heard from either the mum or Baaba. Baaba hadn’t answered his calls after several attempts; now he was super worried. Ebo is very close to her Auntie Maggie. She raised him single-handed after his dad died on a peacekeeping mission in Cambodia. Ebo was four when Sgt Ansah passed on. At the time, Auntie Maggie was a young and pretty lady who could have easily remarried; she isn’t a casanova like someone we know, lol. Because of she deeply loved the late husband, she couldn’t sustain her relationship with Mr. Ohene Asare, a childhood crush and friend. Ohene Asare felt disappointed but still kept his friendship with her.

Back at the doctor’s office, Baaba was trying to explain how sorry she was for breaking his heart.

“Look, you just can’t say sorry and expect everything to go back to normal; I haven’t been able to marry because of the broken state you left me in. Thankfully, I channelled all my energies into saving lives; that’s why I built this hospital.”


“I’m very sorry Sammy”, Baaba said seductively, walking up to him in his chair. “You know I still love you right?” One thing led to the other and they started kissing passionately, smooching so fiercely like teenagers who have found themselves in the web of lust. Baaba unbutton her shirt, revealing her succulent breast. The casanova in Dr Sam was unleashed.

“Babs no, Not in my office. Let’s do this somewhere else.”

There was a knock on the door. The knock transformed into a bang. Doctor Sammy and Baaba quickly had to dress up.
“Yes! Come in”, Doctor Sammy said with a quivered voice.

Ebo entered the office and Baaba was dead surprised. “Doctor, how’s my mum doing’?

“She’s doing better, she just needs some rest.”

“I would like to see her now. Is it possible?”

That request didn’t sit well with Baaba, especially after being unsure of what the woman heard. She interrupted their man-to-man conversation. “Ebo, Mummy needs some good rest; we can see her later on.”

Ebo wasn’t so happy about why his wife hadn’t told him about the mother’s accident; you could tell from his face. “I was very worried about you, thinking you were having morning sickness. I rushed home only for Kukua to tell me about the accident. How did it happen?”

“Mummy fell off the stairs. That’s all we know.”

“OMG! I just hope she’s okay.”

“Calm down mister, we have everything under control’ Doctor Sammy assured.


Matter Come

“Doctor! Doctor! Please, you’re needed at the emergency ward”, a nurse entered the doctor’s office to announce.

Doctor Sam followed the nurse into the ward. Auntie Maggie was cool and collected on the bed, except for a few bruises around her left arm.

“Please can you do me a favour? Auntie Maggie asked.

“Let’s hear it ma’am.”

“Please I would like to speak to my son if he’s around.”

Ebo was fetched immediately and of course Baaba followed. Ebo hugged his mother on her sick bed.

“How are you doing Mummy’? Baaba asked.

“I’m better now. I hope you’re doing well too’,’ Auntie Maggie said, while smiling.

At this point, Baaba was just confused. Why was Auntie smiling? It was unclear whether her mother-in-law was pretending or she did hear the forbidden conversation.

The nightmare is about to start!



Question Time!
• What do you think would be going through the mind of Baaba?
• What would you do if you were in the shoes of casanova Baaba? Would you confess or assure yourself that, Auntie Maggie didn’t hear the conversation?
• Would Ebo husband forgive her if he finds out the pregnancy isn’t his?
• Do you think there’s a tendency of relationship between the two former lovers?

• Will Ebo remain married to Baaba in the end?

Share your views.

A Casanova Story By: AkasaAnoma Kwame Boakye Yiadom


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