Ghanaians Ask: Why Marry To Be Unmarried

Reasons for marriage

“Charley, ka s3 afa… The old man wants me to marry him o. I tell you. My wedding will be talk of town for a whole century. It’s only that I want it to be in Accra nka we would go to Kwahu and I would paraglide to the entrance of the church. Limousine kraa y3 small.”

You could hear shrills of excitement from the other end of the phone as Ashorkor told her friend everything.

The said old man is an Italian in his fifties who is bald and grey. Ashorkor met him one evening about a month ago and already preparations are underway for them to be married.

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So Ashorkor’s friends are very happy for her. They keep telling her how lucky she is and how they wish it was them in her shoes.  On the engagement day, Francesco Luigi, Ashorkor’s fiance surprised her with the documents of a four bedroom house and a Nissan Juke registered in her name. You can just imagine the envy in the eyes of some of her friends.

Two months into the marriage, Mrs Ashorkor Luigi is unhappy. Francesco is very abusive. Not only that, he is an alcoholic, a chain smoker amidst other things. Ashorkor has had so much of him she can no longer contain it.

Her friends finally convinced her to go for DIVORCE. They tell her, “You have nothing to lose. You’re just 21 and you already have a car and a house. You will definitely get alimony too so let him go. After all he is too old and you can always remarry.”

  • What is marriage?
  • Is it a money making venture?
  • Is it the pre-wedding photos or the-out-of-this-world decor?
  • Has divorce become the order of the day because most people marry their enemies instead of the ones they love?

Let’s pause and think…

  • Why did you get married?
  • Why do you want to get married?


A Ghanaian story By: Efe Quayson

Why marry to be unmarried-Ghanaian questions

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