Be You

Be You

Abusuafo, let’s gather around here and analyze something. Just imagine waking up one blessed morning and your eyes are swallowing food, your leg is wearing a hat, your head has an undergarment on it or your lips start seeing as the eyes should. Are you sure they would function effectively? Won’t that be chaotic?

Lemme leave that for you to answer.

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My observation

I’ve realized that self-identity is one big struggle for most young people. And it has left a lot displaced and unhappy in life. Most young people like comparing themselves to others, bleaching and even going in for cosmetic surgeries. Some even go the extra mile to start living, walking and talking like some other lady or guy they have been “stalking” on social media, amongst their friends or even in their vicinity. The worst part is some start begrudging these people.

Before anyone comes for my head, I want to clarify this, I never said it’s wrong to take inspiration from others who are doing well for themselves. No, not at all. I would be the first to rally after any young person who sees potential in another and wants to do more for themselves as well. No human being can live in isolation. That is why in the wisdom of God, He created man and told them to be fruitful and multiply. We are codependent on each other. That is how we were created to live.

Who Is Your Inspiration?

 But the question is, who are we even taking inspiration from? Which group of people do we follow and what enthralls us? This is also a follow up problem as well. We try to “copy” what we see others do and waste a lot of time trying to fit into shoes we weren’t created to wear in the first place.

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The eyes swallowing food will look nice to others but detrimental to itself because that isn’t its natural function. We were all made with unique qualities and only you were created exactly like you. There is no one who can be you like you. This young generation need parents and guardians who will avoid comparing their children with other children. We need people who would tell every young lady or guy that it’s okay to be different. It’s actually beautiful that you are good at this and another, good at that.

Just Imagine This

What if we were all doctors? Where would you keep your money? What if we were all designers? Who would build houses? What if our whole body performs the duty of the ear? How would we bath? Everyone is unique and has a role to play. If you were called to merely be a duplicate of another person, I promise you, you wouldn’t have seen the light of day or another sperm would have fertilized your mother’s egg.

Most of those we admire, identified their strengths and opportunities, developed and are excelling in the various fields they find themselves. The only reason people end up resenting and being jealous of others is, they have cultivated the habit of comparing themselves to others and thinking they could play those roles better while their original roles have been left vacant.

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Hear me

Dear young man or woman, you’re special and you have a peculiar purpose to accomplish. You were created exactly like how you were suppose to be. Don’t let negative words from anyone deter you from authentically being yourself. If you’re busy making good use of your life, there won’t be time to even envy anyone. The devil definitely finds work for the idle hand. But know this, you are the “eye” and can function perfectly only when you stay being an eye. Wish others well along life’s journey and get better at who you are and what you do.

Steve Jobs once said “Your time is limited, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.

You are and can only be you. Just don’t sit on your potentials. Explore and be the best version of yourself daily. And oh, love yourself unapologetically.

Post by Regina Aba Oduma Asiedu

Aba Oduma Asiedu

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