The moment

It took a moment of “was this how far I had gone from the Lord” to realise that there had to be a COME BACK. It’s actually true when they say “familiarly breeds contempt”. Knowing that you have close association with someone and that they are down with you in anything can, if care isn’t taken, make you take them for granted. I knew I was cool with God. I just knew it.

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We were cool…

From the quiet times, personal bible study, personal prayer times and joint prayer times, ah, I knew we were tight. But was that all? Was that enough to make the relationship flawless? Let’s use this popular scripture as the yardstick and see something. Proverbs 3:6; “in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. This is how the message version puts it as well; “Listen for God’s voice in all you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.

I involved Him in everything I did and I always had Him tell me what to do. In fact, the big man up there has never shamed me. But, somewhere along the line, I started avoiding His many cautions as to some decisions I made. And I always questioned Him; “Ah “daddy paa, how can I walk away from what I just started?” I started questioning some of the prompting He gave concerning some situations.

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The exemptions

I was allowing Him in every other way except for some associations and decisions I made. And if you’re following, you will know that such associations will definitely create a gap in my relationship with Him. Let’s say you are in a relationship with someone and you start to keep them out of some of your decisions. Just imagine. “But abi it’s okay? So far as I’m not losing myself along the line”. This was my everyday excuse to Him.

The scripture above exhorts that in “all” your ways acknowledge Him. In “all” oh, “all” really means “all”. Maybe you find yourself in this situation where you think all is fine because “most” of all you do is fine by God. But remember He didn’t talk about the majority of what you do, He said and meant that in “all” you do, meaning in the smallest things, still listen for Him as the message version puts it.

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Did you listen for Him?

Before you chose that course to do at school, did you listen for His voice? Was it ever part of your prayer points? Could it be that the reason why your heart is far away from what you do in school is probably because you missed His voice? There still can and has to be a COME BACK!

Before you accepted that job, did you listen for his voice? Did He approve of it? Could it be that you’re well paid, treated well and all but the reason you don’t feel fulfilled is because you missed His voice? Could it be that the reason you find most things not working in your favor at that workplace is because you left Him out of the job hunt? There has to be a COME BACK!

Before you said yes to that guy, did you listen for His voice? Before you settled for that lady, did you listen for His voice? What was He saying? Could it be that the reason why you are having endless conflicts in that relationship is because you missed His voice? Could it be that the reason you just can’t bring yourself to love this person right is because you missed His voice? There has to be a COME BACK!

Before you chose that dress to wear this morning, yes, that too sweetheart. Remember he said in “all” your ways. Did you listen for His voice? What was your conscience telling you about the dress? And could it be that the iron burnt the dress or you had people stare irksomely at you because you missed His voice? There has to be a COME BACK!

Before you chose to buy that house, car or land, did you listen for His voice? Oh you heard of some house, car or land somewhere and the price was cool so you said why not, lemme go and get it. Why did you wait till your money was stolen by the respective dealers before asking God why He allowed for that to happen? Do you just keep Him in one box and introduce Him into your space only when you’ve exhausted all other “unsuccessful” options? Should He always be your last resort? There has to be a COME BACK!

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The Call!

If not for all, there is one in these few scenarios that you can relate to. The Lord is calling for a COME BACK. He wants a relationship with you. Just as you would tell your beloved all you do in a day, he wants to know as well. He wants to be a part of your day. You shouldn’t just keep him as Lord over your spiritual life, it should be over your whole life. It shouldn’t be that it is when you’ve finished trying all alternatives that you inquire from Him what he had in mind for you. It’s never too late to COME BACK.

If in all you do, you make sure you are considering what a fellow human being would feel and you haven’t considered what God feels about that as well, you should know there is a gap in your relationship with Him. “Those who trust in the creations of the Almighty God are limited because they are uncertain about the safety of that which they commit to them” (Henry Quayson). You should get to the stage where it is what God feels about this first before what any other person feels about it. If you haven’t gotten to that stage yet, it’s never too late, He is still calling unto you. COME BACK!

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Be Intentional

If He could forgive me on some decisions I made without His acknowledgement and not hold any of them against me, I assure you that He is ever ready to forgive and accept you as well. Just as you are intentional about your relationship with people, it’s high time you treat your relationship with God with much more intentionality than you’re doing now. He who can take away your life, that person, job or property you value so much is suppose to be the one you love the most.

Today, if you hear his voice calling out to you after reading this post, do not harden your heart as you’ve done until now. Tomorrow isn’t automatically guaranteed to you. COME BACK NOW!

Post by Aba Oduma Asiedu

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