Who would you choose?

who would you choose

As the year began, I decided to ask ten questions. I recently asked my fifth question which is “Who would you choose”? I must warn you that this question is quite a tricky one. Yet, people inboxed me some very interesting answers so I’ll try and share a bit. See the question below.

5th question of the year


With some of the answers I got, people couldn’t choose between either of the two spouses. To have stayed six good years after the death of one’s partner before remarrying would mean that the person really loved the deceased.

unsure pretty confused and doubtful woman choosing between two young men

With this, the widow or widower would have told themselves that “I am not remarrying till I die too”. This is something a lot of people who lost their partners in marriage have done and are still doing till date. It’s not a sin to decide not to remarry.

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With all the pain and emptiness one feels after the death of a loved one, it would be difficult to think of remarrying. Therefore, should the widow or widower decide to marry again, then this new person has really gone through a lot to have been accepted.

It would definitely not be fair to leave them just because your “dead husband” is not actually dead and wants you back. This can cause a fight between either the two husbands or wives. It would be difficult to make this kind decision o hmm.

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There are even more people who would be happy to get back with their supposed “dead” spouses because they are not going to remarry any other person in the first place. These group of people vow to stay single for the rest of their lives because they don’t see themselves doing the forever thing with yet another person.

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Some also think that if another man or woman would be there for them and help them heal after all these years of mourning the dead, then they are sticking with the new man. You the first spouse would have to also move on with your life because someone else has fixed the spouse you left behind. This would be difficult but someone has to loose anyways.

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See guys, this issue is already complicated so let’s not make it more unbearable. With me, there would be two conditions that would determine what I will do. To think of remarrying paa dier hmm it would be hard but because it actually happened, I would choose to stay with my new husband.

The reason being that, we married on the basis of we not being attached to anyone else. I have fallen in love again and moved on. That would be the condition that would make me stay with him because LOVE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

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The second way is that, I would go back to my first husband if only I remarried because I wanted to try if it would work out with my new husband. I read about some statistics and found out that many “try and error” marriages are most likely to fail because the couple depends on one spouse’ love till the other falls in love too.

Life is too short and I can’t be in a relationship without loving the person while the one I loved and still love is alive. Like I said earlier, LOVE IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME.

Let’s keep talking. What do you also think?

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