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I love you

“30 minutes is all you have to leave my house. I don’t care what pa says or whether he thinks I love you; you better be gone in 30 minutes!” Erica said.

“Alright; geez, woman; no need to yell at me… I’m standing right in front of you just in case you’ve forgotten” he chastised;

“Oh I know… just wanted to ensure that you heard me.”

“Loud and clear ma’am” he sarcastically responded.

At the sound of the door finally closing and the vacant orchid aroma that Erica seemed to carry with her, he sat on the timber chair placed right in front of the study table.

Pulling out the exam pad from the beautifully stacked books before retrieving a purple-inked pen from the small round pencil case, he got down to business;


My dearest Erica,

I have no idea why I entertained writing you one hell of a sappy letter when I could simply utter all the sappy gibberish that you gullible beings (known as women) seem to love.

Now that I think about it, it’s better if I wrote all this crap than have you laugh at me… I can’t stand that irritating sound your mouth emits especially when I’m the reason. But at the same time, I love your laugh (sappy right)? I know but it’s true.

Every single day I awake with a plan on how to finally convince you that my feelings for you have grown throughout the year we’ve been dating; Truly my feelings for you have grown… Regardless of how scary it might sound, they have grown to a point where my day wouldn’t feel complete without your sarcastic and sometimes witty remarks or the occasional snort you make when you disagree with me but decide that I’m just not worth arguing with…

Yes, I’ve finally admitted that I’ve fallen flat on my behind for you Erica… my amazingly crazy and extremely stubborn girlfriend whose beautiful face my mind never fails to carry with me to sleep.

Oh but you’re very beautiful my dear… either you choose not to acknowledge it or you just haven’t realised it.

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I’ve fallen for such a beautiful soul like yours and that you reciprocate my feelings.

I honestly do love you and I might find it very hard to …



“That’s it; your time is up, Eric. Get the hell out of my father’s house!”

“Babe seriously?” he incredulously asked;

“What… don’t look at me like that Eric;

You’ve already spent too much time in this house stuffing your face with our food so leave?” she countered;

“Would it be weird if I confessed that I love you”

“Get out Eric!!”

“Fine I’m leaving.  No need for you to yell”

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow my love… I love you”

“You sure knew how to pick her huh Eric?” he mumbled as he left his beloved.


I love you too much to give up (Jeremy to Victoria)

At Taylor’s approaching figure, Jeremy released a breath that even he had no idea he’d held.

“Hello Jeremy,” Taylor said;

“Hi. Look I know you’re busy and stuff so I’ll cut to the chase;

I’ve asked you to meet up with me today just so you could deliver this letter to Vicki on my behalf” he explained whilst handing the said letter to Taylor.

“But Jer…”

“Look, I know what I’m asking of you is too much but please put yourself in my shoes.

What would you have done if you were me and the only girl you’ve fallen for suddenly ignores you and despite your attempts to reach out to her, she proceeds to do so?”

“I hear you Jer but Vicki doesn’t even want to talk to me let alone talk to me about you” Taylor attempted to explain.

“Then please make a plan to enter into her room and leave it on her study table. Please…” Jeremy begged;

Taylor hesitantly agreed to help him.

“Thank you. You have no idea how much your acceptance to help means to me”

“I’m beginning to catch up. You really do love Victoria, don’t you?” she asked.

“You have no idea how much” he replied as he turned and left Taylor before Victoria could see them together.

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Firstly, please forgive my messy writing and secondly, hi…

It’s been quite a while since I last saw you… scratch  that, every single day that passes by with  you going out of your way to ignore me is brutally killing me whether I have enough courage to voice it out or not;

My love, I write this letter just to remind you of how much the author of this letter adores you. He adores you so much so that he still regards you as his one and only regardless of your cold shoulder towards him;

Wait, why am I writing in the third person?

I guess I was trying to prolong what I really wanted to tell you but what good would beating around the bush do me or you for that matter… no good right? Okay then I’m now getting straight to the point:

It is quite evident that your father’s departure has left quite a dent in your heart that no-one could ever manage to patch up and I completely understand that you can never just forget him or move on from his memory but it doesn’t mean that you should also dwell in such a dark and horrid place where only misery and heartache reside… no love, that most definitely wouldn’t have been what your father would have wanted for you;

I never got to meet him but judging by all the tales your mother and Taylor has shared with me has convinced me that your father was a great man whose absence left quite a storm in every single one of his loved ones but we can’t undo what has happened love no…

In as much as most of us would jump at an opportunity to rewind time and undo his death just so he could still be with you, we can’t love.

I know I might sound rather selfish right now but I cannot stand and watch you spiral out of control without trying my level best to prohibit you from doing so no, I love you too much to give up without a fight my love…

I’ll try a million and one times if I have to. I just won’t allow for you to succeed in building those impenetrable walls around yourself because I’m scared that no-one would manage to knock them down this time around.

Is it wrong that every single day that passes by instils more fear in me?

I’m fearful Vicki, I fear that although our relationship is fairly new, my feelings for you have deepened. I’m head-over-hills for your love;

I fear that I care way too much about how your day goes if you’ve been able to stomach more food than the previous day;

I fear that you matter to me more than anyone ever has in my entire life;

Well, it seems like we share more in common than we led on huh love? I mean you live every single day in fear of letting your father’s memory go while I live with the fear of losing you and every single emotion you’ve managed to evoke in me.

So, my love, I suppose it’s okay to live with fear… just please share your fears with me so that we can live fearfully ever after.



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I love you forever (Kevin to Serenity)

Serenity entered the pigsty also known as Kevin’s bedroom.

Everything from clothes to pencils was scattered all around the room and because she hated messes despite how big or small they were, she got started on tidying the room;

“I wonder what he would have done if I wasn’t living with him” she wondered out loud.

“Why wonder though, he’d most definitely leave the room messy and only attempt to clean it when he knows I’ll be visiting”

Shaking her head;

“I can’t believe I’m dating a pig!” she exclaimed.

Seconds turned into minutes and Serenity’s main focus was cleaning Kevin’s room.

As she approached his study desk, she encountered a neatly folded piece of paper written ‘read me J’ in red.

Deeming whatever’s written worthy of her time, she sat on the bed, unfolded the letter and read its contents:

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My dearest Serenity,

The sparkle in your eyes when you laugh,

The slight tint of your mouth when you laugh,

The crinkles in the corner of your eyes when you smile,

All sum up to the first three things I noticed about you.

Tall and lean frame with curves in all the right places,

Long untameable curly hair,

Endlessly long legs should have been what picked up my interest the moment I first saw you right?


Your ability to converse with the school’s brainiac assumed to be crazy with ease while telling the schools’ biggest bully a piece of your mind while being mindful of her feelings goes to show just how much of a compassionate person you are.

Calmness is what your presence brought in my chaotic life,

Happiness is what your presence introduced to my heart,

Peace is what your presence brought to my soul,

But most importantly, your presence brought me what I’ve been seeking without much success…

To belong.

I don’t think you’ll ever be able to fully comprehend the depth of my feelings for you nor my constant need to either see you or hear your voice but it’s alright… I comprehend them enough for the both of us.

Honestly, I love you Serenity… I love you today, I love you tomorrow and I love you forever.

Truly yours,


I love that you literally drive me crazy ( Hayden to Mercy):

Like a shadow in the night, Hayden entered the temporarily unoccupied house and steadily walked to his destination;

Three beds and an antique mahogany table is what welcomed him.

No-one had told him that there were three beds in the room so he now had to guess whose bed belonged to his beloved according to three different duvets.

Deeply inhaling, he chose the bed with the lavender duvet and sent a small prayer to the man upstairs that his guess turned out right.

“Sorry to rush you dear but we have to leave if we don’t want for the girls to find us here” Mrs Motema called out and that snapped him out of his daze.

Once outside, the both of them rushed to his car and he drove off.


Would you believe me if I told you that I find you very beautiful?
Would you believe me if I told you that you’re perfect in your own unique way?

With your forever shortened hair, automatic scowl whenever Stanley and Co are around;

Oh, who am I kidding, the only males you don’t scowl at are the ones old enough to be your father… you still scowl at me even today for crying out loud!

I can never decipher your distaste for males and I doubt that I’ll ever be able to.

Would you believe me if I told you that you singlehandedly changed my mind about a small town like Thaba Nchu?

You are so amazing and you fail to realise it every single time. Yes, you have your flaws but who seriously doesn’t?

I can go on and on about every single quality of yours that has led my heart into skipping a beat at the sight of you but it still wouldn’t be enough.

I feel like my feelings for you are inadequate and, although I hate to write this, sometimes in vain I wouldn’t want to fall for anyone but you;

You have simultaneously captured my heart and attention love, just like you seem to occupy my every thought without fail.

Would you believe me if I told you that I love how you literally drive me crazy?

If you don’t, don’t stress yourself about it because I believe in us and what we have for the both of us.

I love you,

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