“Vodafone Staff Saved My Life” Ex-President Kufuor’s Cousin

Vodafone staff saved my life” - ex-President Kufour's cousin

Vodafone’s Chief Executive, Yolanda Cuba was heading off to a meeting when she stopped to assist a customer into the Vodafone building. As it turned out, this man, Andrew Kufuor, a cousin of former President J. A. Kufuor, had come to personally thank a staff of Vodafone for saving his life.

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Eunice Ampomah-Manu, with the SME Enterprise team, had called Mr Kufuor sometime last week, on a routine customer check-up. Whilst on the call, Mr Kufuor suffered an attack. He was breathless and told Eunice, he was dying. She panicked but kept her composure.

In a flurry of activity, including keeping Mr Kufuor on the line for about ten minutes, she managed to extract the digits of his wife’s number and called her. In a matter of minutes, Mr Kufuor’s wife rushed home and managed to get her husband to a nearby clinic to receive medical attention. Later in the week, Eunice also called to check up on him at the hospital.

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“I was helpless. Her call came in good time and I really want to thank her for what she did. She saved my life. Without that, I perhaps wouldn’t be here today”, he said.

What started out as a cursory offer of assistance to a customer at the headquarters at Vodafone Ghana has become a very defining story of effective customer service.

Yolanda Cuba, Chief Executive of Vodafone Ghana, said:

“Providing unmatched customer experience is what we stand for. It is not mere rhetoric; it is a way of life for us and the value system of our business. We really care for each and every one of our customers and we will never renege on this.”

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