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From the last week in May to the first week of June, I had the privilege of going for missions. I joined my campus ministry’s East Legon group; if you don’t know East Legon, it is one of the richest places here in Accra. Missions was insightful yet filled with some sad moments of how some of these rich folks reacted to the message of God.

I realized what Jesus said in Matthew 19:24, Mark 10:25 and Luke 18:25 are very relevant even until today. What do these verses say; “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”


Even though its a rich hood, there are still people who are not having flashy cars and houses but also live there. Those who sold in shops and taxi drivers were the ones that gave us their attention and even took the tracts that had the message for the evangelism.

Few of those driving their big cars also stopped and listened to us and what we were about throughout the week. There were some who asked questions deep enough to make you pray in tongues for some few minutes so the Holy Spirit can guide you give the right answer. It was amazing and felt so fulfilling because we were doing the father’s will.


We had the general, kindness, corporate, mall and the theater groups to also target all other areas in East Legon and Accra all in the quest of sharing the gospel.

The kindness group visited the toll booths, filling stations, washing bays and the lorry stations paid for the fares and seized that chance to share the love of God with people.

The corporate team also went to the companies with a beautiful package for all the workers so they can get the chance to talk to the workers there as well.

Our theater group also had flash mobs in the evenings and those who don’t dance would capitalize on that and talk to all those who gather to watch the dance.

With the general group, they also did house to house, street and shop evangelism. Theirs was a free-range evangelism and was the best of all groups. people got to share their insecurities as to why they don’t attend East Legon churches and not to be on their side, they were tangible reasons.



This is the part where I get to elaborate on the title of this post. You meet some of these people who look like they are doing well in life and all they want to do is argue with you. They see everything wrong with Christianity but embrace all the evil things the world throws at us.

I believe all these people are ignorant because the world has clouded their minds. They need believers to speak with them about the love of God. If you are a child of God, you have no right to keep the faith to yourself. We were called to be witnesses, making the most of every opportunity because the day of the Lord is approaching. If you are a christian and you are not witnessing, you should know that souls are perishing daily and you have the solution to that misfortune.

There was this particular woman in traffic driving a very good car I must confess. I approached her and offered her one of the tracts and with a frowned face, she rejected it and sent me away. Several others did same. I don’t know but there is this notion that it’s only the poor that needs to hear the gospel.

These people forget that everyone needs the gospel to be a reminder, faith builder and most importantly, a means to accept God into their lives. Some would even ask you what they should use the tract or what you’re telling them for.

God has placed us in vantage points all across the world so we can witness to the lost. The question is, are we doing it or we feel it would be inappropriate to talk about God? How would you feel if a very good friend at work, a family member or even your spouse ends up in hell just because you were being selfish by keeping the gospel to yourself? That would make you a wicked person.

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Prior to this urban missions, when I think of missions all that comes to mind were those typical villages were there was no good water or electricity. Places where mosquitoes would be your sleeping partners for the whole missions period.

With my experience of embarking on urban missions, I’ve come to the conclusion that those who live in the big towns and cities also need to repent as well. This made me go back to read this scripture again to find out what exactly Jesus was trying to say.


Jesus was not saying that one cannot be rich. Nor was He saying that God rejects rich people because they are rich, no! Even Abraham, Job, King David, and King Solomon were very wealthy men. Jesus’ point was that when one is wealthy, that person may be willing to “know about God” but not completely or not at all.

When it comes to depending on God for the forgiveness of one’s sins, we find it hard to admit we are nothing when we think we have “everything”. The man Jesus was talking to, was pursuing God according to his own heart.

Majority of these rich people have no sense of urgency when it comes to the gospel and the things of God. They spend time amassing wealth for their families. When they are on their sick beds dying in the near future, they now recognize how desperate in need they are of God and how much they had wished to do the things of God which of course would be too late.


Maybe you may not be too rich now but you’ve already lost interest in the things of God. This is time to run back to your first love and make time even though “you don’t have time” for the things you use to do for God. There is an ultimate appointment we all would one day have to make after this life, let’s not forget that.

It’s good to be rich because it is one of the things God wishes for his children that you may prosper even as your soul prospers. Therefore, as we prosper and gain huge successes in our lives, we should make sure our soul is prospering as well. while we witness to others. Don’t become a rich man or woman and behave like you need nothing from God anymore. God made you so for you to win those in your social class for Him. May we all feel the burden to help reconcile the world back to God.

Post By Regina Aba Oduma Asiedu

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