Karma Came Knocking On My Door Of Love


Dave, my best man asked, “Herh, karma is a bitch; are you sure she didn’t find out about your recent love escapades?”

I turned to him with a fierce face, “don’t be silly my friend! I got serious with Nana Ama even before I proposed to her so what are you trying to tell me, Bro”?

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There was a long silence in the room. I could feel my face drenched in sweat although the air-conditioner in the room was blowing cold air at 18 degrees Celsius; my three pieces suit wasn’t spared from the sweat.

Let me tell you the story behind this whole discomfort.

My name is Kofi Myles and today is supposed to be my wedding day. My supposed bride to be, Nana Ama, chose our wedding day and my 36th birthday to break up with me. We dated for a whole three years.

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I admit I had been a chronic cheat and a player but that wasn’t in the case with Nana Ama. I actually met her at Marina Mall when she had come for shopping with her cousin, Akuba. Akuba is still as gorgeous as Nana Ama. They both had a beautiful skin tone, long hair and mesmerising smiles. It seemed ugliness was a taboo in their family.

I had my eye on Akuba until I got to find out through our conversation that I found out it was her boyfriend who dropped them off. So I started eyeing Nana Ama; after all, I’ll be eating from the same pot.

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I went closer to Nana Ama and said “hi”.

Her: Hi.

Me: I am Kofi Myles and I trust you are doing well. (I couldn’t find my tongue after I was done introducing myself. Karma is a bitch for real!)

Her: (She saw the surprise written all over me) Are you surprised? Don’t be. I have heard lots about you.

Me:  (Still in shock). Wow.

Her: (She smiled). By the way, I am Nana Ama Frimpong Manso.

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Before talking to Nana Ama, I was always bragging to my friends how I could woo any woman. There standing before me was a beautiful lady whom I was ready to surrender to in a relationship and lay my love at her feet. I didn’t say much that day.

After day three of meeting Nana Ama, I called her. This was actually the longest time I had waited to propose to a lady. So in one conversation, I mustered courage and proposed. I could hear her smile on the other side of the telephone. She hinted she was looking forward to the proposition. The smart lady confessed she had feelings for me too and mentioned hearing of my record with ladies.

I convinced her I was ready for a relationship and that I will be serious with her. She trusted me based on the signs she saw. I started going to church; Suddenly, I quit clubbing, left some negative friends and made time for her all because of love. I worked hard on myself and at work with the purpose of making her life comfortable for us.

In the course of my sorrow moments, I was handed a letter. I knew the letter was from Nana Ama, for her perfume was all over the envelope. I didn’t need to check the name on the envelope. All of a sudden my hands began to shake and I was unable to hold on to the piece of letter delivered to me. Am drenched in my own sweat and lost in thought. I didn’t know the content but I knew the letter will cause me more anguish and pains,

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The love letter read:

Myles my love, I am leaving for overseas and don’t know when I will be coming back. Stay safe and don’t wait for me. Please try and move on because you are a good guy and deserve happiness.

Good bye my love.
Nana Ama Frimpong Manso

My conclusion was that karma was at work, punishing me for the wrong I did to other ladies.
My biggest regret was not changing for myself. O Karma, why?

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My take On The Karma Dealing

If you want to be good, be good because it brings fulfilment to you and not because of the person you’re in a relationship with. Most importantly, be truthful to others in relationship.

Karma Love  Story By: Richard Quansah

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