Secret Story Of Sophie Part 4


The secret and its consequence was getting too much for Sophie.

“That man is a criminal, he deserves to be punished.” a voice said.

“Who are you? You seem to know much about the kidnapper.”

“I’m Miriam, daughter of the Finance Minister……”

“Oh my God!” Sophie shouted. “This can’t be true…..”

“It is true. He wants my father to pay a huge sum of money before I am released.”

Sophie buried her head in her hands. The truth behind the secret finally dawned on her. She had been caught in a trap. The police she spoke with, earlier that afternoon turned out to be one of Chief Haveh’s accomplice. Sophie dreaded what her fate would be. She had no one to come to her aid.

By the next morning, Sophie began to think of a way to escape. She realized they were surrounded by water. They were actually on an island. Sophie quivered again.

“Can you swim?” Sophie asked.

“Of course I can.”

“Good. We have to run away. We can’t be left alone to perish on this island ……”

“And who told you we are alone? He has accomplices who guard the island. They will chase us if we try to do anything stupid. Just relax.”

“Relax? We are in the midst of danger and you talk as if all is well. Come on Miriam, we need to run for our lives. This is no joke.”

Sophie persuasion worked like magic.  Miriam finally agreed to her suggestion and the two got out through a small dark hole. The hole ended in the river and the two began to swim across. The water was as cold as ice as they started the swim. Halfway through in the water however, the girls realized a speed boat chasing them.

“Sophie, we need to surrender. There’s nothing we can do now.”

Sophie had no time to reply Miriam. Two well-built men dragged them into the speed boat and Sophie’s heart melted with fear. They were brought back to the island and severely whipped with wires. Sophie’s back gushed out with blood and she wept uncontrollably. Miriam was a sad story altogether. Suddenly, the duo were blind folded and everything went blank.

Sophie felt a gently tap on her shoulder. She opened her tear stained eyes and realized she was in a very big, brightly lit room. She was still weak from the whipping. But the sight of someone she dreaded most gave her the greatest nightmare of her life. Standing in front of her, was her generous benefactor with a gun in his hand. He had no smile on his face. His frown was dead and Sophie knew she had come to the end of the road. Places a secret can take one to. Hmmmmmmm


Maa Baaba tied a piece of cloth around her waist and made her way out of the house. She hadn’t seen Sophie for two days and feared the worst for her beloved daughter. Madam Aku was sitting behind her table when Maa Baaba arrived at the school.

“Hello madam,” teacher Aku smiled at Maa Baaba.

Maa Baaba smiled in return.

“Where is Sophie? Is she sick?” Madam Aku asked as Maa Baaba took her seat.

“Hmm ….” Maa Baaba began. “There is trouble …..”

Maa Baaba began narrating the secret Sophie knew about Chief Haveh. Madam Aku was utterly surprised.

“You mean Sophie suspected Chief Haveh was behind the recent kidnapping?” Madam Aku asked, not believing her ears.

“Yes. I’m afraid she has reported it to the police and she’s being hunted by Chief Haveh.”

“But why didn’t you accompany her to the police station?”

Maa Baaba looked away. “I told her not to….”

“You did what?” the teacher was fuming. “You tried to cover up a secret as evil as this?”

“No I only ……”

“Please stop it. Stop it.”

Maa Baaba listened silently and kept mute to avoid another round of war. Madam Aku talked so much and later agreed to help search for Sophie.

“I think we should report this at the Police Headquarters.” Madam Aku suggested


Chief Haveh fixed a hard stare at Sophie.

“You’re a traitor! I did my best for your family, and you chose to betray me.” He paused to sniff. “I’m giving you two options. You either vow to keep your absence a secret and agree to be my accomplice or die.”


“I see ……..” Chief Haveh smiled wickedly. “Oh Sophie, you deserve to die.”

Suddenly the door leading to the room burst open.

“Stop it!” a voice commanded.

Upon hearing the voice, Chief Haveh dropped the gun. Sophie saw three uniformed police men, her mum and teacher approaching. The police took Chief Haveh out of the room.

“I’m really sorry for disobeying you.”

“You need not be sorry. You did the right thing and I’m proud of you. You told the truth no matter how bitter it was. You are a brave girl.”

“Mummy, would we be poor again? Would you carry heavy loads at the market again?”

“Sophie, spare yourself the hurt.” Maa Baaba rubbed her hands on Sophie’s hair and kissed it. “It is well.”


Story By Adjoa Essel

Chief Haveh

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