Five Facts About Ghana’s Digital Address System

Digital Address system

The launch of a digital address system is about to change so many things in Ghana.  In the past, Ghanaians were accustomed to relying on directions from people. Those giving or receiving direction relied mostly on kiosks, mobile money vendors, koko sellers, etc. Ghanaians will no longer say things like: “My house is two buildings from Juction Mall”.  Others say “when you get to the junction, ask of the Waakye seller. When you see her, she’ll direct you to my house”.  This is an everyday Ghanaian thing.

The address system lapse has also affected almighty ECG, Ghana Water, and Ghana Post as they had to rely on different ways of identifying properties. President Nana Akuffo-Addo led administration has rolled out the digital addressing system. The launch on Wednesday, October 18 will ensure that everybody can be traced. President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia graced the occasion.

Ghana was last last mapped in 1974. This system is therefore a major turnaround. The lack of an efficient addressing system is a serious impediment to development and planning.

The Land Administration Project (LAP), which began in 2003, has been able to map only 10 per cent of the country’s landmass.


Benefits of Digital Address System

  • Accurate direction to specific locations.

  • Aiding government policies, planning and offer accurate data for service delivery.

  • Banks do not have to go through the hustle of trying to locate their clients as is the case now

  • Security agencies will also be able to trace crime scenes with ease.

  • Online shoppers only have to enter their digital address and goods will be delivered at their doorstep.


The Solution Providers

  • VOKACOM, a local technology entity, was awarded the digital addressing system contract. Their task was  to roll out the digital platform across the country.

  • Ghana Post Company Limited is partnering

  • The National Information Technology Agency (NITA) is expected to host the data.

A national address registry will be embedded into the system. This enable individuals to validate their home and business addresses for easy direction and identification.

The app will generate a unique code for every property or location in Ghana, using Global Positioning System (GPS). The unique codes would be assigned to each of the 10 administrative regions for easy direction.

The first characters in the code will represent the region. and the next one will be for the district. The four characters that will follow will be the post code. An individual’s unique address will be the last set of characters.

The Revamped Ghana Post

The demise of the letter system reduced Ghana Post to a bill collection agency. The digital address system has brought some good news to them.

The first batch of Asase GPS had been supplied to Ghana Post, rebranding it as Ghana Post GPS. This is therefore a new opportunity to grow businesses, be efficient and more productive.


Accessing GhanaPostGPS (Digital Address System App)

  • For android users, got to Google Playstore and download

  • For iOS Store, go to Appstore and download

  • Open the GhanaPostGPS app

  • Enter name and telephone number

  • Turn your phone’s location button on you can generate your unique address

  • Your unique address will appear next to the digital address


The Digital Address System Controversy: Asase GPS vs SnooCode

Philip Kofi Ashon, a broadcaster at Citi FM has asked many questions about the Asase GPS system.

According to, SnooCode does have more visibility and more recognition as a digital addressing platform especially given the fact that they have received awards and recognition from entities like British Council and Coca-Cola.

I rest my case….

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