Casanova Chronicles…The Hard Knock Part 2


Part 1 of Casanova Chronicles, the hard knock ended with Auntie Maggie gaining consciousness at the hospital. Immediately she woke up, she asked to see her son, Ebo. Baaba is unsure if Auntie Maggie heard her deadly conversation with Esther or not.

If Auntie Maggie heard her comment to Esther, what is in store for her?

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When Ebo was only a boy, a life-threatening disease attacked him; strange as the disease was for a child his age, the family had to find a cure. In the end, they resorted to surgery as a last resort. The surgery was done, defect removed but the boy suffered a small casualty.

“I’m however sorry to announce that your son wouldn’t be able to father a child” said Doctor Mensah.

Auntie Maggie was too dumbfounded by this revelation that she couldn’t stand on her feet; some nurses around had to help her sit. After lots of counselling over time, Auntie Maggie came to accept that his only son has been rendered infertile; which also means, she’s not going to be called ” Granny” as she had always fantasised about. Apart from Doctor Mensah, who performed the surgery, no other person knew about Ebo’s situation.

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Back at the hospital, the well-looking Auntie Maggie was having a chat with her son. She refused to give him the full details of how she fell; her telling him not to worry was also because Baaba was in the room.

Doctor Sammy joined them at the ward. And you can imagine the tension in the room when the doctor saw his ex. “Auntie Maggie, I’m glad to inform you that, you’re discharged so, visit the front desk and pay your bill.”

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Welcome Home

Fast forward, everything looked normal back at Auntie Maggie’s home. Everyone was moving on with their lives and this disturbed Esther a bit. She kept wondering the trouble she and her friend Baaba would be in if their dirty little secret came to light.

“Estee, I’m very confused right now” she said during a phone conversation with Esther. “My husband and his Mum have become extremely nice and loving towards me. You know how nice they are but charlie, this latest development is overwhelming.”

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The Hard Knock

There was a hard knock on Baaba’s door. Because of the call she was engaged with, she didn’t hear the hard knock on the door. “The person might have knocked for a while”, she though.

She opened the door and there was Auntie Maggie. Baaba’s face dropped immediately; that was the first time Auntie Maggie had come close to her room.

“Hi Baaba” Auntie Maggie said and passed her by to enter the room. “Now let me tell you why I’m here. I know you’re pregnant and I also know my son isn’t responsible for this pregnancy.”

Baaba broke down, apologizing and asking her in-law not to tell her husband. “Please, I’ll pack out and leave quietly, I know I don’t deserve to stay here. But please don’t tell Ebo about this, I just don’t know how he’s going to take this” Baaba said this, while weeping.

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“My daughter, stand up; has it gotten to that? I just wanted you to know that I knew about this. Also, I overheard your conversation with your friend and the shock alone made me slip on the stairs. I just wanted you to know that you were wrong to have had an affair in the first place but I am not here to judge you. Dont ever think I’m not going to drive you away from your marriage. You’ll remain married to my son and the unborn baby will be loved as my very own.”

It was at that juncture Auntie Maggie told Baaba that Ebo couldn’t father a child. She was at least happy there was going to be a cry of a baby in the house. You could sense her joy despite the fact that the pregnancy wasn’t Ebo’s.

Baaba, was relieved about the confession session but sad about Ebo’s predicament.

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How it all went down

Auntie Maggie called Ebo one evening and told him the story of how he became infertile. The gentleman broke down in tears; come and see a grown man crying like a baby. But after her mum spoke to him a couple of times, he became OK. He came to love Baaba’s unborn child as his own. The bond between them grew stronger.

Baaba, decided to end things amicably with Doctor Sammy because she wanted to focus on making her husband happy. Doctor Sammy forgave her and wished her all the best.

Baaba delivered a bouncing baby boy. Thankfully, the baby was Ebo’s replica. The striking resemblance triggered a DNA test and the result proved that the child was indeed Ebo’s. This explains that Ebo wasn’t infertile after all.

Ebo managed trace back to the hospital where the surgery was done. The findings revealed that, there was misinformation on the part of the staff. They apologized and opted to compensate him but he decline.

Baaba and Ebo’s marriage grew stronger and stronger. They had two more children, a boy and a girl. There wasn’t a dull moment in the house. They were always happy.

My take

Forgiveness is key because sometimes people deserve second chances. All this happiness would not have materialised if Auntie Maggie and Ebo decided not to forgive Baaba.

From the whole team at, we wish you Merry Christmas in advance. Stay tuned for our exciting stories for our fans this Christmas and in 2018.

A Hard Knock Story By Kwame Boakye Yiadom Jr

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