I Found A Wife At The Brothel


I have had brothel clients from Circle, Bound Square, Adum, Asafo, Koforidua, Community 7 and East Legon. My wife material, Betty is a different case; meeting her made me realise something special I never found in any of the ladies I encountered at the brothel.

I entered her tiny kiosk of a room, after picking her up from her base. The interior of the kiosk didn’t match the outward at all at all. Her bed was nicely laid with clean bed spread. With the small space available, she managed to arrange her many shoes, bags, and dresses orderly. I kept looking around in amazement. Zooming back to reality, I noticed she was already undressed. She beckoned me with her left breast. “Please, don’t waste your time looking at this miserable room.”

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I sighed and treated that comment with all the irony and a touch of sarcasm the world has to offer. I asked, “Do you have food cos I’m starving? You don’t expect me to have sex on an empty stomach”.

“Bra (slang for brother), I don’t think you came here for sex. Let me move out to get a serious customer who wouldn’t come to a brothel looking for food.” Though, I was hungry, I wasn’t serious about getting food from her. It was a simple ploy buy to have a longer conversation with her. I asked her to sit and promised to pay for every second one of her time. At this point, she was far relaxed. Money was talking.


How I Met A Wife

Pardon my forgetfulness. So I met this lady, who introduced herself as Betty, at a brothel I usually visit in Madina. That was my first time seeing her there. I can’t really explain but somehow I got attracted to her and it had got nothing to do with sex. I wasn’t even ‘hard’ as is the case anytime I entered the brothel.

Her brand of ashawo is too beautiful (meant as a compliment). Her level of politeness is immeasurable and she speaks impeccable English on top of it all. So I was really wondering how a lady of her calibre ended up in prostitution.


The Brothel Interview

I asked her for a “short time” which she said was going for GH ¢30. We reached an agreement and that was how we got to her place.

I asked her a few personal details and found she’s lost her dad. And she’s an only child to her Asthmatic mother in a village in Afram Plains.

Does your mother know what you are up to in Accra?

“Jack, my mum will kill me if she finds out this is what I do for a living; she will curse me if she finds out her monthly stipend is gotten from trading sex for money. But I just can’t help it; I really need to take care of her, Jack.”

I forgot to mention. Introducing myself as Jack was for obvious reasons. The last time, I gave my real identity at a brothel, my girlfriend broke up with me. One client called my name and waved at me, seeing I was with my then girlfriend. I lost my girl because she couldn’t fathom how a sex worker knew my name. I’m a year wiser now.

Now, back to my brothel conversation.

What brought you to Accra?

I had always wanted to be a fashion designer but my father’s death pushed me to support the family. So I decided to come to Accra in search of greener pastures. Getting here, I saw it’s all a mirage; degree holders are taking up menial jobs for peanuts to keep body and soul together.

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Why Brothel Business?

“In my job hunt, lots of men took advantage of me sexually and never gave me the job too. I decided to make love for money rather than “sharing” it for free”, she said.

Though her story got me teary, I managed a laugh.


The Fast Connection

We spoke at length, and I advised her to quit prostitution. She just laughed uncontrollably. “I get that a lot yet none of these people are willing and ready to support me.” After a lengthy discussion, she told me she will honestly think about it.

I paid her for our short times conversation which didn’t lead to sex. We exchanged contact after I actually paid for her time.

Betty is the only lady I have tried talking out of quitting prostitution. Normally, I go to brothels, have my good time and leave in peace.

I call her a few times to check on her. Sometimes too, I went to the brothel to see her as a friend and not a customer. We were still in contact for a while until she finally went off.

I was having a very hectic day at the office when I got a call from a strange number. Inititially, I resisted the urge to pick as I hardly picked calls from strange numbers. I manged to answer the call despite all odds.

Guess what; it was Betty on the other end of the phone. My bad day was turning around for my good; my old friend at the brothel was making it up to me (happiness wise).

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She apologized for the sudden disappearance and we zoomed in on what she had been up to. Betty stopped prostitution to undergone a course in dress making and has even set up her own company. She asked if I was free that weekend to come how well she’s doing for herself.

I went to see her over the weekend and I couldn’t hide my joy and admiration for her. She’s got a large showroom filled with finished works, apprentices and heavy duty machines.


The Wedding

She took advantage of the moment to thank me for motivating her. To sum up my happiness, she told me she’s found a nice and responsible man. She went on and on about her marriage plans.

“Wow, you’re a wife material already!”

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Dear reader, I know you’ll think that seeing Betty get married to another man will break my heart. But trust me, what we shared was platonic.

I’m still in touch with Betty and she’s finally married with two beautiful girls. This write up is to tell you that no condition is permanent.

To whoever is reading this, don’t let your problems push you into being at a wrong place. Your situation may look hopeless but you’ll make it if you believe in yourself.

Just keep your cool and take life one step at a time.


NB: This piece is not to endorse prostitution or to affirm that any girl you meet at a brothel could ultimately become a wife.

I’m sharing this to inspire ladies in prostitution and the youth involved in other social vices to reshape their dreams.


A Brothel Story By AkasaAnoma Kwame Boakye Yiadom



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