Spoken Word: Christmas ….Christ Means Absolute Salvation

Spoken Word on Christmas

Rejoice rejoice
Immanuel has come to us
Noel Noel
Born is the King of Israel
For behold I bring you
Good tidings of great joy
That will be to all people
For there is born to you this day in the city of David
A Saviour who is Christ the Lord

For there is Salvation in none other:
Christ Means Absolute Salvation

Once again December is here
Everywhere I go, I see things have changed from the usual
Lights, smiles on people’s faces, decorations everywhere
People calling loved ones
Making plans here and there
Grown ups, kids, everyone is expecting a break
Or at least something to laugh about
Even if it’s just a joke

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It’s true what they say that Christmas is a season of love
The season of giving
But is there any reason for the season and what is really worth giving ?
Who expects to be given to?
Is it the only time to be thinking about others ?
Is it just about gifts given to kids
By a white bearded man who deceives them with false promises ?

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It’s amazing how the season is considered a heathen one
Sometimes I want to ask people what the super excitement during Christmas is all about
I see the decorations and I ask myself
Would the hype be the same if people knew
What Christmas really is all about?

I’m not saying it’s not a time to celebrate
But if it’s not about the Saviour Christ
Born to liberate us from the sin
In which we so comfortably jubilate,
Then what’s the use?

And she will bring forth a Son
And you shall call His Name Jesus
For He will save His people from their sins
Christmas spells out God’s love for mankind
God gave that we may live
Christ was given
He came that we might have life
Not so that you would give your heart to someone special
Cos somebody gave it away last year
He came not so that you would be kind for a minute and switch back to selfish and greedy
After the carols stop playing
He came that we might be saved

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I overheard a young man on the bus tell his girlfriend that
“Babes, you have nothing to worry about
All you need for Christmas is me ”
I was fooled by those exact words until I knew
what I truly needed
And how pretty my ugly soul has become since I’ve known Him

The Christmas season,one of my million constant reminders of “It is well with my soul”
There is indeed a reason for this season
And it is the baby of whom we sing away in a manger
I hope you believe me when I say
It has nothing to do with Santa

CHRISTM.A.S. begins with the name CHRIST
Because Christ is the only reason for the season
Because it is all about Christ
He is the Truth and the only Way to Eternal Life

O come to the Father through Jesus the Son
Great things He hath done
And give Him all the glory
Santa Claus deserves none

Fall on your knees like the Virgin Mary
Ponder these words in your heart
Think about the Saviour
Do think about Eternity
Think about True Love
The True Gift that came down at Christmas

There in the manger down in Bethlehem
There lies our Glorious Hope
Jesus Christ
King of kings
Lord of lords
Wonderful Counselor
Everlasting Father
Prince of Peace
God Almighty
He is what Christmas is all about

There is Salvation in none other :
Christ Means Absolute Salvation

And so we pray Lord Jesus
Come again, we need You Lord
Come and make Yourself known to us


Spoken Word By Baaba Ennin & Kwansima Ennin

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