Behind The Mental Curtain: Silent Killers

silent killers

Today, I want to address some silent killers many of us have concealed. Sometimes, we hear of people’s demise and we are shocked. Interestingly, we as bystanders are overwhelmed by our personal struggles that we don’t see the hints (sufferers display).

I’ve got more bad news for you. According to experts, 9 out of 10 persons you meet may be struggling to overcome some addiction or pain. That friend, sibling, colleague or spouse may be going through some strange things. As a result of this gap (people harbouring hurts or pains), suicide is on the rise.

Just last week, a Systems administrator at Effia Nkwanta Regional Hospital-Western Region, committed suicide. He did take his own life (by unknown means) three days after saying goodbye to his friends via Facebook. The departed soul, Kofi Shanti Boafo left behind a wife, Deevi and kids. No one saw it coming. Hmmmmmmm.


What triggered this post was a shocking chat I had with a friend about a famous female celebrity. According to the friend, this celebrity is rich and always happy. The pretty celebrity, cries every night (I am told) about an addiction she’s struggling with. I can’t discuss the addiction, celebrity’s name or the fine details of the case. I hear she feels awful about it but the desire for it (substance abuse) increases daily. By morning, she’s out and about with her infectious smile as if all is well. That story sounds familiar to many of us.



Like a bride, all scars and shortcomings are concealed with make-up. The aim is to make everything look perfect on the outside. When the show is over, reality begins to set in.

I am what I am when I’m in my closet, same as every other person. You’re what you do in your closet too. Predominately, it’s not about the perfect face you give on the outside. It’s about what you have inside of you. We are what we talk, think and plan when we are “BEHIND THE CURTAIN”; we are ourselves when no one sees us or is around.

silent killers


Silent Killers Conclusion

For anyone else struggling with addiction, I can assure you there is help out there.

  • The part of our lives we hide from everyone is what Jesus seeks. He seeks to heal or grant us Grace to overcome. No matter your belief, talk to the Supreme Being for support.

  • Seek help from a councillor, psychologist, psychiatrist for diagnostics.

  • Contact the Mental Health Authority (MHA).

  • Talk to someone you trust; sometimes, a listening ear can help lessen any such burden we may be having.

  • Healthy eating, getting plenty of sleep, and regular physical activity are all important to good mental health.

  • Skills development helps deal with stress, feeling down, etc.

Silent Killers Post By: Aba Oduma Asiedu

silent killers

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