Why I never had sex with you

i never had sex with you

letter envelopeSex talk. I usually love to start my pen moments with you on an indirect and sensual level; today is not one of those days. Let me just cut to the chase. Lately, I have keenly observed how you lurk around monitoring my every moment; it’s time you find a hobby besides snooping around— to listen to my phone conversations, checking my call log, reading my WhatsApp convos and secretly body guarding me in town to see if i was having sex. I knew all along and purposed in my heart to fake ignorance.

It’s time I told you deeper things about myself that I never mentioned throughout the 12 months we dated. Bae, I can no longer continue this relationship. You’ll understand why I never had sex with you all this while by the time I’m done with this letter.

I recall all the fun and exciting times we shared during our many ‘awor shiaa’ sessions; for they were more than the stars God asked Abraham to count in the Bible. Lol. Surprisingly but intentionally, I wasted all those opportunities.

I’m breaking up with you because I love you enough not to look you in the eye and lie through my teeth that all is well. Frankly, all is not well.

Delete all I said. Let’s start with the truth about my biiiiiigggg problem. By problem, I don’t mean that I’m uncircumcised (kotibotor), a ‘one-minute man’, a man with a starved manhood, a greened-horned virgin or that I have any STDs. Far from that. I’m a real man who has had many conquests in the past. I have had sex many times with different sex partners.

Through an unplanned blood donation I did to support a colleague on admission some weeks back, I discovered I had SS genotype. The medical team were awed by how I lived all these years with the sickness and didn’t know knowing about it.

Baby, knowing first hand of the predicaments you face as a SS person, we needn’t  any seer to tell us, particular for a fee, the future consequences of a union where our children, besides us, will constantly be pained and inconvenienced by our medical condition. My conscience won’t permit that.

As you read this letter, I am currently beyond your reach: I advise you don’t bother using your meagre salary tracking me. I repeat, please don’t bother trying. But in case you want to try, for reasons best known to you, I can only wish you well.

Sex free life

I have come to that stage where I have to erase myself from your life and set you free. Please find a loving man to marry and give birth to healthy children.

Please forgive my heartless move.  Good bye my love.

Your friend,

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