Relationships: The Rubber Band Man

rubber band

Picture putting a rubber band/rubber tie around your wrist (for whatever reason). Now, attempt taking the rubber band off. The bit about taking it off is uncomfortable especially when the rubber band comes into contact with your hair. As you explore ways to free your skin from the tie, there may be irritations or even pain. After the little drama over the tie getting stuck unto your skin, I doubt you’d welcome the rubber band unto your wrist. Unstable men can be compared to this rubber band and the effect it has on the human wrist.

The typical rubber band man is one who runs hot and cold in a friendship or relationship. This person keeps you off balance by moving to you, backing off, coming  and then going away. This back and forth is as if he’s being controlled to come after you.

On Facebook, he will appear online (like one keeping tabs on you) the moment he sees your beautiful picture. He’ll praise you, inbox you, give you fans and blow you out of your mind with his vibes. The moment he takes his eyes off the picture(s), the affection wears off and he vanishes from your life. Don’t you get pissed seeing them messing all the time? I guess you do.

I prefer calling the rubber band man the “convulsion guy”.  Convulsion is sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body caused by involuntary muscle contraction. And yet, it’s short-lived when it comes. Take note of such men and take off.

The downside for ladies who meet rubber band men is that they live with physical and emotional scars and hurt. Such ladies make their world revolve around this man and his break ups so much that they completely let go of themselves. Unfortunately, as you continue taking off the rubber band and putting it back, the elastic loosens: leaving it worthless.

  • Do you want him back again?
  • Is it possible that HE would want to come back too?

Rubber Band Man: The Positives

The juicy part of this experience is that it gives you (as a woman) self-esteem a BIG Pick-me-up. It raises your morale and sets you up to reconnect with your man. It also create an unbreakable relationship with the next lucky man in your life.

Men, be careful how you appear and disappear in a ladies’ life. Women, be careful who you allow into your life.


A Ghanaian Story By: Jane Kpabi

Kpabi Jane

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