Innovate, Collaborate or Die

innovate, collaborate or die

Innovate, Collaborate or Die is a collection of my thoughts on how creative enterprises can adapt in these times. This piece is also as a result of my approach to connecting with human beings who inspire me. It is different. It is an audio, a podcast.

I had a personal conversation with my friend, Mawuli Jiagge, known in the creative cultural space as Mawcom X; he is a musician, producer and creative entrepreneur who is currently locked up in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Like you, he is one of the people I have genuine respect for; in his case, his endearing virtues being hard work and deliberate approaches of creating collaborations within the creative industry on this continent. We talked about different things regarding life after this COVID-19 situation because I was concerned about my welfare and a space, I have been involved in for the past 2 years – the independent arts and music space in Ghana.

Please anticipate some American ‘slangs’ and its associated expletives at some point; aside from that, it’s a peer-to-peer thought on how people passionate about the creative space can survive the struggle which is likely to happen.

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About Mawuli Jiagge (Mawcom X)

He set up the Bacon Group when he returned to Ghana 5years who as a structure to support the curation of his music to audiences through iconic events and activations. The Bacon Group eventually grew bigger than what was envisioned and has been the conduit which has allowed significant artistes to break through into the mainstream market. Mawuli is passionate about personal development in every aspect and building great relationships.

By Mawuena Anku Quarcou

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