Heart Thumbing, Palms Sweaty…. Will You?


“You do realise that you only have this year to tell him, right? We’re matriculants now and in no time we’ll be off to the winter camp. Soon followed by the final camp. And knowing you my dearest friend, more years could pass by without you uttering a single word about your feelings to him.”

“Ref, please don’t start; you’ve been on my case about confessing my feelings to him ever the beginning of this month. I hate to tell you this, but you’re beginning to get on my nerves” she groaned.

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“As if that’s anything new. Look Valencia, besides this month being the ‘month of love’ and all that shebang, a great opportunity has opened itself for you…

Thabang is hosting a small gathering on Valentine’s and before you can get started on how you don’t attend any of those ‘socially draining ceremonies’ as you call them, he just confirmed this morning that he would indeed make an appearance there” Refiloe continued, her serious face on.

Valencia knew that she could never say no or she would have to bear the consequences; whatever they were and knowing her best friend like she did, it would be one hell of a consequence.

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“Okay, fine; I’ll go” she conceded;

“This was easy… either you’re busy cooking up a plan where a last minute cancellation is concerned or you really wanted to do this but lacking someone to push you in the right direction”

“Shut up…”

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Heart thumbing along with the house song currently playing, palms sweaty and her lips charring at the thought of what she was about to do:

Silently making her way through the crowd in search of a familiar face, her heart skipped a beat when she traced him sitting at the back… with his friends of course!

She tapped his shoulder to gain his attention.

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When his brown eyes along with 6 more pairs focused on her short form, her tongue momentarily tied itself;

“H-hi…I-I have s-something I w-wish to t-tell you:

“I… I sort of have a crush on you. A-as a matter of fact, I have h-had the biggest crush on you ever s-since 8th grade.

I know you’re bound to have f-f-forgotten this by tomorrow morning and it really doesn’t matter if you do remember; I-I just thought I should let you know.”

And with those words finally uttered out and their not-so-subtle laughter, she bolted out of the room.

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In the middle of the street she stood; her scarlet red lace dress that was an inch shy of her knees accompanied by her lace flat pumps of the same colour as her dress drenched in rainwater;

The large raindrops no longer hurt when they hit her fragile skin.

Her tears and raindrops meshed into one as she ignored the gust of wind that would blow past her every once in a while leaving her with goose bumps; she could not tell where she was or how she got there in the first place.

It hurts to cry…

It hurts to breathe…

And the hollow feeling emerging from her chest could no longer be ignored.

She had made a fool out of herself after all.

How could she be stupid enough to allow Refiloe to talk her into committing the biggest mistake of her life?

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“Valencia!!” she thought she heard someone call out.

“Valencia!!” the voice proceeded to call;

Come to think of it, the voice sounded rather masculine;

Was it; no it couldn’t be?!

Seeming to finally snap out of her daze, she allowed for her feet to carry her to what must be some shelter; shelter for her to attempt to warm her already drenched self before seeking a way to get home; or her parents would begin to worry;

She couldn’t trust her heart or head to make the right choice at that point in time;

At the sight of a deserted, barely standing tent, her heart fluttered a little with joy;

‘Something worth smiling for after all!’

“Thank heavens” she mumbled as she decided to speed walk to the tent. There was so much rain she could endure after all.

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“Valencia wait… please!” he begged, his deep baritone voice meshing well with the pitter patter of the rain;

The very same deep baritone voice that never failed to render her knees weak.

“Please leave me alone” she begged;

“No, no, missy. You don’t pull that stunt you pulled back there only to ask me to leave you alone when I have to say my piece” he countered, frustration clear in his deep voice.

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“What else is there to say, I got your message loud and clear… no need to rub it on my face.”

I made a huge mistake by trusting that you would be different and less of a prick; but don’t worry, I have learnt my lesson. Oh and please thank Reetsang on my behalf for the invitation once you get back?” she asked without halting or even glancing back to check just how far he was from her…

“I won’t allow for you to leave until you listen to what I have to say” he stood his ground after he caught hold of her wrist in a tight and very determined grip.

“Has anyone ever told you just how beautiful you look in red?

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I really can’t describe it but the colour does something to both your bronze skin and warm onyx eyes in a way that I can’t help but hopelessly stare at you until you are out of sight.”

A few seconds of silence passed, with the rain having stopped as soon as he got hold of her wrist.

What was happening?

Her heart hammered in her chest and she hoped he couldn’t feel it. Heaven knew she has embarrassed herself enough to last her an eternity.

“Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your smile is? Gosh, it seems to light up your entire face whenever you do. And despite how rarely you smile at someone outside your circle, I’ve had the privilege of catching a glimpse… what a sight. I can honestly get addicted to your smiles and don’t get me started on your dimples…

How can you be so…?”

“So?” she prompted;

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Gently placing his forefinger on her lips, he hushed her;

“How can you be so beautiful… surely it should be a crime that you are but then again, I would be the biggest thief for having stolen glances at you every once in a while for the past 4 years”

“Your confession caught me off guard yes but not for the reasons you were thinking…

I couldn’t fathom that you really were standing in front of me at that point in time and having plucked up enough courage for the both of us and confessed your feelings for me. I am a nobody who has had a crush on a very beautiful soul like yours and lacked the courage to strike even the simplest of conversations with you after all” he proceeded;

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She then chose to look at him and almost got lost in the beauty of God’s creation standing just a few metres from her.

With the same skin tone, his features seemed to only enhance his good looks. With his chocolate eyes graced with thick black brows that matched the thin stubble on his slightly chiselled jawline.

Was he? No, he wasn’t?!

“I know it’s late and that the day is almost over but would you Valencia do me the honours of being my valentine and date for the remaining part of the evening?” he asked.

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Story By: Refiloe Dimakatso (Madamfifi)

 Heart Thumbing, Palms Sweaty…. Will You?

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