My First Crush….. Guess Who

A special note to my first crush and love

I have searched the oceans for a golden fish
Searched the world’s gardens for a beautiful daffodil
I have searched the skies for that bright star
That star that glitters my smile
And all through, I found you
How glorious!
Precious than the golden fish I sought
Beautiful than the petals of the finest rose
With sparkles brighter than the morning star
Though you make me cry
I always want to be by your side.
For you, I will block the sun from shining
And hold the night from falling
Just to watch your face
And hear your stories

My first crush

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The Beginning

This poem is dedicated to my first love and crush. By this, I must confess there are some info about my love life that I know will shock you gravely. Within a space of ten years, I have fallen in love more than 100 times. Some of my relationships lasted less than a week. Don’t judge me because I ain’t the worst boy on earth. My actions do not defy any natural law.

It all started nine years ago when I was still a young boy. I had joined Christian Divine School at the beginning of the third term to complete my grade six education and be transitioned into JHS. Being a newcomer in the school, I spent most of the time all alone or in the company of some PKs; they always wanted to be friends with the new guy (it’s a Ghanaian distin). My PK friends would always tell me stories of the teacher who loved to cane, classmates who left the school, classmates I shouldn’t associate with and blah blah blah. They could go on for days non-stopped. I, therefore, needed a new pal to wade them off quickly; my instincts told me they would not last though.

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First Encounter

As is usual of primary schools, we had periods where we did nothing but reading, talking or sleeping; you kai the free period thing nu? To adjust into the new school system, I also placed my head on the table to take a nap. My desk mate then, a pretty girl called Benedicta, called me when I had barely closed my eyes; she wanted to introduce someone to me. Out of curiosity, I raised my head and wow! What a sight? There she was, with eyes so bedazzling. I was almost hypnotized, a smile so wide I could not afford to take my eyes off her; my first crush. The very sight of her immediately put me in trance; I felt the butterflies in my stomach rebelling to be freed. Nevertheless, I was determined to start a serious relationship with her so I gave up that feeling.

Our friendship grew faster than anyone could foretell. Within three days, we had gotten so close I doubted we could ever be separated. We spent most of the afternoons and our leisure together. Sometimes, we enjoyed each other’s company so much that we forgot to eat. She told me lots of interesting facts about herself and I found her knowledge of the world so inspiring. Truth be told, my encounter with her made me who I am today.

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On some occasions, her company was so boring that I wanted to be with my PK friends. I remember an instance when she made me so angry that I wanted to end it all. How can she plot to kill her own brother (her father’s son)? My first love was starting to disappoint and I began wondering if I had made the right decision falling so deeply in love with her. But I could not give up. NO! Not now; especially at the point in our relationship where mysteries were unfolding.

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Spoiler Alert On My Crush

The curiosity in me had to see this through; I had to witness what would become of Oliver; I wanted to see how the wickedness of Monks, Fagin, Mr and Mrs Bumble and the others would be punished and what would happen to the prospects of the good life Oliver was bound to enjoy with Mr Brownlow-that wonderful gentleman.

Yes, the first love of my life was Charles Dickens’ “The Parish Boy’s Progress” or “Oliver Twist”. And since then I have read more than 100 other wonderful novels from great writers around the globe. My first love opened me to the world of creativity and I am most grateful I met her. She has proven to be that perfect lady I saw cos she has ensured I don’t go a week without another lover; I would lose too much.

Today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader.

Story By: Citixen Nii Odoi Benash


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