Father’s Day Torture

Father's Day

Father’s Day is today and I’m crying within as I pour my heart out. On this great day, neither of my three kids nor their respective mothers called to wish me a Happy Father’s Day. Interestingly, I have seen many men who messed up but are now living happily with their families. My case is exceptional. This is how it all happened.

I got this lady pregnant while in school and because confessing meant the end of my dream, I vehemently denied responsibility.

The teenage girl cried her eyes out but nothing moved me. I stood by my words and told to her to go and look for whoever got her pregnant. It was then that started building my entire life on lies. I deserved no father’s day message from her.

I fell in love with this beautiful trader who happened to be 10 years older than me. Abi age is just a number so I wasn’t bothered. She provided for me and bombarded my family with foodstuffs. The lady was pretty much a cougar. She got pregnant for me but this time I did not deny the pregnancy knowing how matured she is.

Within that time, I got the opportunity to travel outside the country. My inability to send money home for my son’s upkeep pissed the mum off so much. She cursed me every day. I was told she had settled down with another man since I wasn’t there for her. She made sure my son never saw or spoke to me. The boy will soon be 11years but I’m lost in his life. It’s obvious I’ve lost paternity to 2 of my kids and still counting.


I was having a secret chat with another lady which I kept from my then fiancée. My fiancée asked me if there was something between the lady and me but I swore on my father’s grave we were just friends. She laughed so hard and quickly sent my chats and “private” pictures I had with the lady to my phone. How she got those chats, only God knows.

Like a possessed man, my attention drifted from my fiancée to the secret girl in Ghana. The then fiancée went through trauma till she had the baby. In the end, I married the secret girl in Ghana.



It took the no show on Father’s Day for me to realize I had fucked up big time. Not even my wife bid me a Happy Father’s Day. Those days she almost broke my Facebook wall with love messages like “You are the perfect man in the whole Wild World”.

On Father’s Day, the only message I received was a WhatsApp message which read “Provisional Results from 3 Constituencies”. I almost committed suicide.


To the men out there, let’s bridge the gap and take full responsibility of our children. Children are a gift and a blessing from God. Anybody can be a father but only real men can be dads.
May God help us all on Father’s Day and beyond.


A Ghanaian Story By: Jane Kpabi

Kpabi Jane

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