Worthy Decisions

Worthy Decision

Worthy Decision Letter

Dear Friend,

I want us to discuss a worthy decision I think we should be making by now.

We first met under unpleasant circumstances and vowed to keep the details from eavesdroppers. Let me share a bit of the story. I was hostile to you at our first encounter; I never smiled, said ‘hi’ or ‘good morning’. You took it cool and acted ok. Well, I don’t regret being rude to you. You always kept a “straight face” which could scare even a fly.

From day one, I enjoyed our chit chats and night conversations, not forgetting the numerous gifts you showered on me. We shared bad memories too.

But hmmm my dear friend, I would like to swiftly draw your attention to one important thing we have clearly blotted out from our relationship: that is CHASTITY. KEEPING OUR FRIENDSHIP CHASTE is one hard thing to do (which I cannot fathom).

Please, for the sake of God, make your intentions clear about us; whether we are “just friends”, “friends with benefits” or “lovers”. Because we cannot continue acting Godly when we are not. I have sleepless nights and painful heartache after our usual “maame na paapa” sessions.

Worthy Decision Summary

Friend, pardon me for pouring my bitter heart out to you. I detest living a secret life which does not please our MAKER, when you know we are both lovers of God and should live right. Whether or not you will keep me as a wife in the future or friend, let’s keep a chaste life! That is my worthy decision.

Nevertheless we cannot miss a second seeing or chatting with each other; in the interim, let’s keep apart till the cat is let out of the box.


A Ghanaian Worthy Decision Story By: Aba Asarewaa Archer

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