Journey To The West: Lou Moon Beach Resort

lou moon beach resort rooms

My love for nature and travelling took me to the loveliest beach resort in the Western Region of Ghana; tacked away on the serene coast of Axim is a beautiful lagoon-like bay known as Lou Moon Beach Resort. The breath-taking view sits on a private sheltered-bay backed by thick jungle forest and surrounded by sandy beaches.

lou moon beach resort View

Our drive from Accra to Axim took roughly 5 hours 30 minutes and that in itself added to the experience. The road to the Western Region though very bendy, especially in the Central Region, turned out to be one of the best stretches of roads in the country, I’ve used by far; very smooth, minimal potholes but generally lacking in street lights (night travellers beware).

At the entrance of Axim township, we branched left and followed a track road for 6 km into Lou Moon.

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First Impressions

The beach resort is separated from the village by a gated wall; Even the wall is constructed to blend in. My initial thought was that not much effort went into this design. But, in hindsight, the natural settings was quite comforting and actually ingenious. I could not help but be amazed at how the location of the resort blends in well with the locality and such luxury. The management of the facility has kept the place as natural as plausible (literally).

As soon as we came out of the car, we (my husband and I) went straight for the fun part. It started with some fresh coconut right off the tree (refreshing).

lou moon beach resort Sea view

lou moon beach resort silhouette

There was something so profound about looking out at the massive sea spread in front of me and realizing the endless possibilities open to man…  I must admit also that unlike the majority of Ghanaian beaches, the water here is clean, clear, and impeccable for swimming.

Next, we went kayaking on the bay; it was an awesome experience but of course, I had on a life jacket and a lifeguard very close by.

lou moon beach resort Kayaking

Then came the hard work…YOGA. People, don’t be deceived. Yoga is some hard work. Here I was thinking, “as for this, ibe cool chop…seeing how fit I am…” little did I know. Yes, I was exhausted after, but it was so much fun. Thanks Asana2Connect.

lou moon beach resort Yoga

Lou Moon offered us some interesting activities all through the day.

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lou moon beach resort Bowing

The Lou Moon Restaurant

Chop time came, and we hurriedly left for the restaurant with dreamy sunset view. We had to wait for quite some time to receive our food and drinks; I thought that service lapse could be improved. But when the food finally arrived, it was just delicious and worth the wait, lol. Bear in mind, we were not very big on fish meals but Lou Moon served some really good seafood.

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Belgian designer and owner of Lou Moon, Paul Ramlot turned 24 acres of palm groves into a micro village of earthy thatched lodges and romantic island villas. The rooms were comfortable with all amenities.  Rooms and chalets have an all polished plaster, huge windows and crisp white linen. All 12 rooms are furnished with comfortable beds, mosquito nets, walk-in power showers, ceiling fans and air-conditioning…

Rooms in the resort can boast of a private terrace, deck or veranda and views of the ocean. Though the clear scenery of the outside world is a beauty, I think it can be enjoyed better if the glass windows were tinted; allowing the occupants of the room to see out, at the same time preventing outsiders from seeing the room; people do love their privacy.

lou moon beach resort rooms

But…no television, the clearly stated policy was very much in force. For a young person who has a general problem with sleep, that was not exciting for me. My partner was sound asleep so it got a little boring for a few hours. That was easily overlooked.

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General Feel of Lou Moon

Lou Moon turned out to be a nice hide-out for many reasons. We had the opportunity to meet some interesting people who had no fear for their privacy in this bay-like hideout. I guess we might just save up for a return visit…you never know who you may run into.

The user-friendly service, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for the well-being of guests makes the place home. No wonder some say ‘the best comes from the west’. Western region we will be back.

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Story By Grace Dodoo


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