Shake Well

shake well paakwesiforson

One early morning after I woke up from bed, I felt my suck was full which I had to cause aquatic menstruation. I hurriedly rushed to a nearby gutter and quickly pulled down my short pant. I held my penis loosely and with ease, I urinated freely. So why, the shake well title? I’ll explain.

A minute after, the force of the urine shortened and was left with few droppings. I waited for some seconds for the droppings to also cease and swiftly, I packed it into my pant feeling very relieved and stress-free.

Immediately as I turned to my room, an old man scared me to death. He had been observing me all this while and wasn’t happy with something. I could tell from his looks. He called me and softly said:

“My son, the most enjoying part of urinating is Shaking for all the droppings to have it’s way out. You missed that part and it will cause you more than you can pay. As you walk around, this loose urine droppings will be in your pants, causing numerous odor only in your nose. Not just shaking but shaking it very well my son”.

“These droppings will be on you all day but the moment you master the courage to shake well, trust me, you will become a victor. Droppings of Childlessness, Low esteem, Failure in Education, Business, Marriage etc. Dropping of Laziness, Enviousness, Pride, Fear, Grief, Pain, Self-interest, Anger, Jealousy etc. will not be your portion when you shake well. My son, when you wake up from bed, remember to start your day by shaking it well”.

I was stunned with his divine truth because my day had always been smelling of urine droppings and never knew ‘shaking it well’ was the greatest defeat.

My lovely friends and family, I encourage you to shake well everything that has been a bed-lock in your life and trust me, God will take the wheel of your affairs….. AMEN.


A Ghanaian Story By: Solomon Ezonle Akossey

Solomon Akossey

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